dad bought new truck!:)

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    okay so this is a truck from my dads good buddy he works with he sold this pick up to my dad for cheap because it's sort of for me for something to do ..espeacially since i don't got a job lol. but yes when i was looking for a tranny for my truck he was going to sell me this tranny out of his truck and transfer case and everything for $750 my dads buddy said how about i sell this truck to you for the same price as i told you for the transmission. anyways guys i think my dad did good i told him he'd be dumb not to do is a 1996 1500 4x4 242 000km,runs great!,350 vortec.this truck was actually one of the firsts when they changed over to the vortec it was built in 12/95.the sticker in door says,but everything works in truck and it runs down the road just fine.and he threw in a cap with truck which i am going to sell lol.but truck was just used around a farm and to haul thing's..truck looks tough but runs just fine and nothing wrong at all really with it. truck needs fenders/cab corners,doors to properly fix it but we may just end up putting in fenders and cab corners..but for $750 buks can't complain?



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    Sounds like a good deal.

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