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    I was going to drive up from NY to Line-x of Danbury, at 39 Shelter Rock Rd this week and have my bed done. Have been unable to contact them. Anybody nearby that can check to see if their still in business or on vacation. Was able to leave a phone message last week but now the phone just keeps ringing. Thanks for your help.
  2. hall1836

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    Anyone near, Line-x of Danbury, 39 Shelter Rock Rd that can check for me, to see if their still in business or on vacation. I was going to drive up this Thursday to get my pick-up bed done but have been unable to reach them. I was able to leave a message on the phone last week, but now it just rings and no one answers. If their still there, can you get me another number to reach them, I have (203)792-9700. Thanks for your help.
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    Have you tried Line-X's corporate website, I'm sure you can get a answer there.

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    I just tried there phone number you gave and after a few rings I got voice mail. Try em again.
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