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    I need to replace the whole dash board assembly in my 1999 suburban. i was wondering how big a task im looking at to accomplish it any input would be greatly appeciated. thanks
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    It's surprisingly not that difficult, given the idea that you're removing the ENTIRE dashboard.

    I did this on my '95 Suburban so I could replace the evaporator and heater cores. Having the Factory Service Manual helps, but is not required.

    Obviously, there are lots of wires to disconnect. The steering column is removed. In the '95, there are only a few screws along the base of the windshield and lower corners that actually hold the dashboard itself. Once those screws are out, the whole dashboard pivots backwards and down, into your lap. Unplug any additional wires, then lift off the pivots and take it sideways out of the truck. It's light enough that one person can do everything.

    Airbags would be the tricky part - there are several steps involved to insure they are properly disconnected and "safed". Unplugging the battery alone doesn't do it, since the airbag system has a DERM (Diagnostic Energy Reserve Module) - basically a small box in the dashboard that can trigger the airbags all by itself if the battery should get destroyed in an accident.

    These two photos will give you an idea of what you're up against:



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