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    Ok the dealer didnt really go over what the dash features do? like when we went to the water park i change it to "personal" and it seemed to eat a lot of fuel, but on the way back i turned it off and it did good so does that change fuel and power? next is "hours" i thought this was on jetskis or 4 wheelers? next is how can i get it to just show me the option to c how much on a trip, u know like to see how many miles u get on a tank? another question on the sirrius radio it doesent have the pause and rewind features that my older stand alone radio has? last questions about how much can i expect to have both rockers replaced? they have good rot, but for a Illinois car very clean, i want to get it Zbarted

    Thanks all!
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    Ok, some info about the vehicle would help us answer some of your questions.

    A stroll through the owners manual would help you answer most of your questions.
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    lol sorry, dont have a owners manual and 04 z71
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    The personal setting in your info center is your trip odometer. It won't affect your gas mileage, but the MPG it calculates there is usually quite different from the MPG it calculates in the fuel info unless you reset both at the same time. To reset your odometer, go the the personal odometer and hold the enter button on your steering wheel (arrow... bottom right button) or hold the little odometer stick if you don't have the steering wheel controls. The hourmeter is just there because some people like to check the hours on a truck when they buy it since the hours and the mileage together will let you figure out whether it was driven in the city or on the highway. Some companies that use logs for work will also require logging the vehicle's hours.

    As far as the satellite radio goes, I'm not sure exactly what you're talking about. If you have Sirius in that truck, it definitely is not factory-installed (GM has only ever used XM). In addition to that, I'm also not aware of any Sirius radio ever having had the ability to pause & rewind except for their newest model, which just came out recently. So, I'd need more information to be of any help on that one.

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