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    Many (if not most) 2007+ Tahoe, Yukon, Suburban, Avalanche, Silverado and Sierra Truck dashes have cracked at the corner of passenger airbag and above instrument cluster. We have organized a group of owners on the facebook page found here:https://www.facebook.com/groups/251892298253/. This page is where we will organize and communicate progress related to a voluntary recall, media events in your area and any class-action lawsuit information.

    You can read my story about my 2007 Tahoe here: http://www.trushift.com/gm-going-bankrupt-one-400-customer-time/

    Please join our group and help us get GM to take action and issue a voluntary recall. GM denies most repairs (or offers a discounted repair ranging from $100 to no discount) if the vehicle is even a few days out of warranty. GM knows this is a rampant issue and fails to take responsibility. Don't let GM get away with this blatant lack of integrity and poor product quality that will impact the value of your vehicle and potentially the safety of your loved ones.

    This issue poses safety concerns regarding whether the airbag will be punctured or otherwise ineffective during deployment due to the sharp cracked edges of the dash as well as the potential for shards of cracked dash becoming projectiles causing injury to occupants during a collision.

    Please join with us. I have also just started a twitter handle 'trushift'. Please follow me and help spread the word by posting to your facebook and twitter. Use the hashtag #GMdashcrack when tweeting. When I posted pictures and my story on my facebook I had about a dozen close friends respond telling me they have the same issue and didn't realize it was a factory defect! Thanks for your help. I look
    forward to meeting you on our FB group page.
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    Thanks for joining up to the site. Looks like you've got a cause on your hands that you're pretty on-fire about. Keep us up to date and feel free to add content and photos to this site as well.

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    Just in reading your post a bit more. How widespread do you think this problem is? Just a rough calculation tells me that we're looking at maybe 1-million of all of these vehicles produced per yer x 4 or 5 years? How many people are reporting problems?
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    How widespread is very hard to calculate. I believe the vast majority have cracked or will crack. The service manager at Autonation told me this is a 'very common' problem. I originally thought their service tech may have cracked my dash when it was in for service for an oil leak. I walked in to the service manager's office and expressed my concern. Without ever looking at my vehicle, he pulled out a piece of blank paper, drew a quick sketch of a dash and penciled in the 2 locations that most of them crack - the EXACT locations of my two cracks. He said 'yeah, we see this all the time. It wasn't anything our tech did, it is a design flaw.'

    You are welcome to join our FB group and read and even share one of our members posts on your own FB page and see how many of your friends have this issue. I think you'd be surprised.

    edit: Part of the problem is that owners don't realize this is a common problem. As in my case, the first crack near the airbag showed up within the first couple years of purchasing the tahoe. I assumed my wife or kids put their feet up on the dash and caused it. Never occurred to me that it would be a design flaw and that GM would warranty it (which they do while vehicle is under warranty, but will only offer 'assistance' in some cases when the vehicle is out of warranty).
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    I had the same cracks in mine and dealer replaced the panel. I hope that the cracks don't reappear cuz my bumper to bumper is gone! I will sign the petition. Thanks for organizing this.
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    I will now be watching our Silverado dash...thanks for great post..Brian
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    How many people are part of this initiative, just curious.
  8. tbplus10

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    Just yesterday on my way home from work I found a crack on the passengers side dash radiating out from the corner of the air bag panel.
    Stopped at my local Chevy dealer this afternoon to address the issue.
    The first service writer said it wouldnt be covered but I could have it repaired for about $1100.
    I talked to another service writer who said since the truck was out of warranty he didnt believe it would be covered but we could talk to the service manager.
    The service manager made a call to someone about the problem and finally told me they would replace the dash panel for a $100 warranty deductable fee.
    In a perfect world Id be happier not having to pay a $100 fee for a repair that shouldnt be happening, but Im also apreciative of the fact Im getting better service on this issue than some others with this problem.
    I made the service manager very aware of my feelings about having problems like this on a truck that I bought new and I havnt even owned 3 years.
  9. Disappointed by GM

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    I have 70k miles on my 2010 silverado. It is garage kept. Out of the blues the dash panel behind the airbag cracks in 2 locations. Because the original warranty as expired, the bumper to bumper warranty the dealer sold me is no longer bumper to bumper. I was really thrown back at how wide this problem is with GM. It's sad to see they are not willing to back their products.
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    I have a 2011 Chevy Silverado and it wasn't until my friend who bought his 2008 Silverado pointed out that my truck had the same crack in the same spot as his. Does anyone know of anything that GM is willing to do?

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