Dash leak 2005 yukon xl, Help

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by Pikey, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. Pikey

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    I picked up a yukon xl monday. today was the first day it rained and I noticed a puddle on the floor of the passenger side. It is water, not coolant. The AC has not been run. It only happened today in a heavy rain. I pulled the cover down and see that it is actually leaking out of the hole where the blower resistor goes. (the resistor and blower motor were replaced the day I bought it by the seller, now I know why) Any ideas where this water can come from? Do I need to pull the grill under the wiper arms and look for something there? A plugged drain? Where are the drains located up there? What do I look for? I could really use help on this one. I dont want my new truck to start getting moldy. Thanks
  2. Pikey

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    Oh, figured out what the problem was. It was a cover under the cowl. The seal was broken and missing. I took it off, cleaned it up, put some silicon on it and replaced it. Here are some pictures of the cover and area. IMG_0296.jpg IMG_0297.jpg IMG_0298.jpg
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    Glad you got it fixed their Pikey
  4. GumboMan

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    That appears to be the SAME problem I'm experiencing. I also replaced the blower motor resistor only to have the new one fail after a bit rain. I also noticed water in the same area and also suspected leakage around the cowl. Since I just came to this conclusion today and just completed an internet search, haven't had time to make any corrections. I have a question about your pics. The cowl is the rectangular hole on the left, but what about the rectangular hole on the right? Should that also be covered or is that the ac air intake or something else? Thanks for the pics!!
  5. Pikey

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    The hole on the right is not covered. There is some sort of foam seal on it. If I remember correctly the seal only covers 3/4 of the outside of the hole. It is around the top, on the left edge and part of the bottom. I believe that that the right hole is the air intake for the HVAC.
  6. GumboMan

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    Thanks Pikey, I'll work on that today and post a reply when completed.

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    Pikey, a couple of questions. Did you have to remove the hood for easy access to the cover? also, are there clamps securing the cover that needs be removed/pushed from underneath? Thanks.
  7. Pikey

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    No, I did not remove the hood. I did take the wiper arms off. I believe that there were just clips that I had to pull off. I just slid a screw driver behind them and popped them off. There may have been a few screws, but I do not think so.
  8. nvestysly

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    I'm resurrecting this old thread because I have the same problem but can't remove the cover. My vehicle is a 2005 Chevrolet Suburban so it's just as shown in the pictures above.

    My cover is made of plastic. Water enters around the upper edge of the cover (the edge closest to the windshield). After removing the blower motor I see what appear to be a few tabs on the plastic cover. I can't get to the tabs because there is a screen on the air recirculation box. Don't know if the tabs really have anything to do with the holding the cover on, instead it seems to be the existing gasket/glue that's securing the cover.

    I've tried prying gently using a plastic tool. The top edge (the edge that leaks) is loose so I can lift it about 3/16". But the side and bottom edges are securely stuck to the sheet metal cowl/firewall.

    I'll have to look at it again tomorrow when the sun is shining. Perhaps if I spray the perimeter with 3M adhesive solvent I can get the old gasket loose and remove the cover.

    I don't want to simply goop it up with silicone sealant on the outside of the cover. I want to remove the cover, and create a new gasket with a nice, uniform bead of silicone.

    Any other ideas? By the way, I've looked through my 3-book set of service manuals and I cannot find any reference to this cover. I see pictures of the A/C system that show the cover in place and some pictures with the cover removed but nothing that refers to the cover or how to remove, replace or repair.

    on edit: The part number for the plastic cover is listed on GMPartsDirect as 15275243
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  9. Pikey

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    I just pried mine up. I also used a razor knife (box cutter) to try to cut any remaining sealant that GM put on before I started pulling on it. I figured that it did not matter if I broke a clip because I silicones the crap out of it. But it did not break clips off. I remember being afraid that I was going to crack it because I was just distorting it so much while prying
  10. nvestysly

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    I replaced the cover and gasket. Don't know yet if the leak is fixed as the RTV needs to cure before I apply some water to see if it leaks.

    As I mentioned above, the part number for the cover is 15275243 and it comes with a gasket. The gasket is relatively stiff and seems like more of a spacer/shim than gasket. I put a bead of silicone on the both sides of the gasket.

    I decided on a new cover because I broke two of the tabs and the cover didn't want to lay flat. Probably could have used some small screws or just a weight to hold the cover in place while the RTV dried. The local GM dealer had a cover in stock so I went that route.

    Removing the existing cover was difficult. The tabs are quite large and I couldn't figure out a way to depress the tabs to release them. The old foam gasket was bonded to the cowl so I used 3M adhesive remover to help release the gasket and glue as I used a plastic putty knife around the perimeter of the cover. Ultimately, the cover came off but this was not an elegant procedure. So many of the other GM fasteners and clips are easy to work with I wonder why this one is designed this way.

    A few pictures.

    IMG_5298.JPG IMG_5301.JPG IMG_5304.JPG IMG_5307.JPG IMG_5308.JPG

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