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Discussion in 'GM Electrical Tech' started by tattooed4life, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. tattooed4life

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    I have seen on another site alot of guys are converting their dash light bulbs to LED. Has anyone here done that yet? I am wanting to do it on my 99 yukon (obs). I am just wondering what all has to be done. Is it a matter of just replacing the bulbs or is there more to it?
  2. pmf608

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    I have done all of my dash lights (gauges, ac, etc.) I have the nbs truck, but my understanding is the install is similar between the two. You just have to remove the cluster and swap in new type 194 led bulbs. To make it easier, you can get new bases that you dont have to break the factory bulbs out of their standard bases (very difficult...). The rest of the dash is more difficult (if youre interested). I am yet to find led setups that would swap right in as the sockets on everything else are soldered down. I bought a bunch of leds and resistors and soldered them in place of the old sockets. Note here that bulbs are spaced far enough apart on heater controls (and headlight controls are the worst) that you may have to improvise a way to install more than one from a certain spot. The system can handle it, but LEDs are very directional and may require additional lights. Also note that if the construction of the headlight switches are similar, the metal they use is VERY difficult to solder to.
  3. 2ToNe04

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    Nope 99-02 they dont need soldering they have twist lock bulbs.

    buy blubs plug them in thats it.

    03-07 you have to solder. :)
  4. tattooed4life

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    Thanks for the help guys.
  5. csltrains96

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    Anyone try using conductive epoxy on the hard to solder materials? Might be easier than heating things up beyond their normal tolerances. Just a thought.
  6. lancer

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    i'm looking to do this in my 02 tahoe. from what i'm told they are just the twist and lock bulbs. would anyone happen to have a part number for the replacement also do any of the local parts places, autozone orielly's ect carry bulbs like this to replpace them......i love this site every question i have about this new tahoe i check here and find someone has info on it........thanks GMTC!!!!!
  7. pmf608

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    The lights in your gauges will just be twist-lock bulbs. I don't have a part number because we don't have autozone here - only canadian tire which you won't have. They are just little round sockets to fit a 194 bulb with contacts on the bulb side.

    Here is a linkt to a photobucket picture of the sockets compared to the factory sockets that I borrowed from another site:
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  8. These are the ones I used,

    http://www.oreillyauto.com/site/c/s...ake=Chevrolet&model=Silverado 1500&vi=1358816

    They already have a bulb in the socket but a pack of 2 with bulbs was the same price as a single one without... So I just went with those and popped the bulbs out and used LED's. I don't see any on Autozone's website but I would assume they have them. On a side note, when I went into O'reilly's the kid behind the counter said they didn't have them... Even though they clearly did, so double check anyways.

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  9. lancer

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    so you bought new lights in sockets and led's then put the new led's in the new bulb socket??
  10. Correct, it was cheaper to buy the sockets with bulbs already in them than it was to buy empty sockets. So I ended up with a bunch of extra bulbs.-Chris

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