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    hello all, new guy on the block. i have an 02 2500 hd with a duramax and allison in it. bought it a few years ago and have put 60k miles on it so far. great truck. but i have a few issues. first one is the dashboard vents recently stopped working. sounds like a door is not opened. there is a tremendous amount of air in the heater box, so much so that it feels like it is finding its way out. defroster still works as well as the floor vents. other issue is a good amount of exhaust smoke at idle. i use lucas upper cylinder lube in it, went a few tanks without it, still smoked. fuel filter is new, k & n cone filter is clean. no codes have been set. recently changed the oil, no fuel was present. has been smoking for a while now. smoke is kind of a greyish color. upon hard acceleration from a standstill puts out a bit of a cloud. fuel mileage is the same as it has been. recently drove from spokane washington to phoenix az and back, smoked no matter what fuel was in it. i have an edge programmer in it, tried disconnecting it, still smoked.....
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    Welcome to the site! I am pretty sure I've heard about similar problems from others on the site, so maybe it won't take long to get some help. There are several Duramax folks on the site who are always willing to help. Good luck!

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