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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by thomurec, May 31, 2010.

  1. thomurec

    thomurec New Member

    i have a 2000 gmc half ton 4x4. it is just the standard edition. crank windows and such. my driving lights do not come on. the guy at oreilly said that they are just burnt out. i put new bulbs in them and tried everything. but they wont come on. my mom has a 05 and hers come on when she puts it in gear. do some trucks not have the option with them. or am i just missing something???:neutral:
  2. myfirstgixxer600

    myfirstgixxer600 New Member

    previous owner might have just pulled the fuse out
  3. thomurec

    thomurec New Member

    i checked the fuse. and it was in there and wasnt blown.
  4. Vinniety

    Vinniety New Member

    im not saying this is your issue but if i rememebr correctly you have the emergency brake on the driving lights will NOT turn on. Does your emergency brake work? If the emergency pedal is on does your brake light on dash light up? Check that out if you can. Maybe make someone stand in front of truck at night and move the emergency pedal up and down see if you get some light. Worth the try.
  5. pmartin816

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    I have a 1999 3500HD and it has a wire that comes loose from time to time behind the brake pedal. It happens to be a ground wire for the emergency brake. When it does come loose it leaves the computer thinking that the brake is either engaged or not depending on if it was set or not when the ground came loose. You might want to check that. Good luck.

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