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  1. gooseman89

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    De-Badging **UPDATE**

    I'm in the process of De-badging my 2001 Tahoe LS 4X4 i got all of the molding and badges to come off really easy using a heat gun and some 30 lb. test fishing line. The thing I'm having trouble with now is getting all of the 3M adhesive tape off:warn:. Any suggestions??????? thanks in advance
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  2. Springthing

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    Go to your local auto parts/paint store and ask them to show you the adhesive removal wheel. It's basically a round eraser on the a metal peg that you use in your drill.

    Goo-Gone has also been suggested here though I've never used it personally.
  3. s5belford

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    the eraser wheel is exactly what you want, it might leave some marks and take a little time but just take it easy and it will come off great, might take some wax to blend it all in but its the right way to go and works well. Put some before and after pics up
  4. gooseman89

    gooseman89 New Member

    sorry for the delayed response i ended up getting it all off by letting it sit in the sun and just using my fingers to roll it off. Quite time confsuming and ended up with a few blisters but it looks great. There was just a little bit of adhesive left over and i used goo-gone to get the remaining off i will get pics up as soon as i get a chance to wash and wax it.:party:
  5. gooseman89

    gooseman89 New Member

    Sad day

    Here is an after picture of my de-badging! I'll post a before pic later this week. Luckily everyone is ok!!!

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  6. Swatchvy

    Swatchvy Rockstar

    What in the world happened?:gasp:
  7. gooseman89

    gooseman89 New Member

    roll over multiple times as soon as it came to a rest luckily on the wheel the engine compartment burst into flames:frown:
  8. daddytech

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    goo gone is good for that, so is WD40. either one should loosen the glue without harming the paint. but with the goo gone make sure you wash the paint down immediately after removing the glue. It has distilates in it that can also do damage to the paint if it's left on there.
  9. TylerR04

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    I used Goo Gone and was really happy with the results.
  10. gooseman89

    gooseman89 New Member

    I dont think goo gone is going to help me with this current dilemna see picture above

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