Dead driver's door - 2002 Trailblazer

Discussion in 'GM Electrical Tech' started by ChevyFan, Jul 7, 2007.

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    My 2002 Trailblazer has a dead driver's door.

    - No window control, no mirror control, no door lock control.
    - When I lock/unlock with the remote keyless entry, it does not lock/unlock.

    - I was trying to hook my trailer up today and was checking for a blown fuse, I could have caused some problem? I didn't wire my trailer properly at first, could it have blown the fuse? My son was also playing in the car and he frequently locks/unclocks to car door even 15-20 times in rapid succession, could have blown the fuse then? Also, I just had this door window replaced, maybe the technician didn't hook it up fully and it came apart after a couple of days of driving?

    I've checked the Driver's door fuse and the Drivers door module. The rear windows go up and down, but they don't operate when I take out the module, so that is probably good.

    I've heard that other fuses can cause trailering problems becuase they lean on each other, I'll check all of fuses in the vehicle and see if I find one that's blown. OTHERWISE, I'll have to pull the door panel off, or call the window repair company and tell them they could have caused a problem.
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  2. ChevyFan

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    Ok, so here's the scoop.

    1) I bought an extra pack of fuses just in case $2.99.

    2) I spent 40 minutes outside in the muggy heat unplugging each and every single fuse in BOTH FUSE BOXES. All fuses check out ok.

    3) Now I pop the driver's door face off, just enough to get down on the floor and look up with a flashlight. GUESS WHAT?

    The technician who hooked up my glass apparently didn't SNAP the wiring connection into the Driver's Door Module! It was just hanging there! I reached up, took hold of the harness and pluged it into the module and the door fired right up and started working properly again.

    Who did this great work?

    Read here >>
    And here >>

    Ok, I'm sorry but you need to send a guy who does good work, who's going to take care of the customer and do the job right, especiall when the guy has had a problem before. And especially when the guy runs

    All you gotta do is laugh! At least it gave me an excuse to break out the tools and get my hands dirty with something besides woodworking, shelf-building or landscaping for once in 6 months.
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    Nice work! Now go grab a cold beer and watch the UFC fight. You deserve it. :great:
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    You can't get good help these days :grrrrrr:

    Maybe you should call and let them know :cool:

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