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Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by Southland, Jan 24, 2009.

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    Hi folks,

    I'm new to the this forum. I've seen lots of helpful info posted and hoped you might solve my problem. I have a 97 Chevy Silverado that started shorting the electrical system about three months ago. The truck would restart each time. In each case there was a visible arc coming from midway under the dash. I checked for burnt wiring along with a mechanic and could not find anything. It shorted again this morning killing everything. This time nothing works including lights, locks, ect. There is some type of relay located under the dash mounted on top of the steering column that has an audible click, as though it is turning itself on and off. I am baffled. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Help! Everything shuts down when I turn the key

    Well I'm having a similar problem with my 1998 burban. I turned the key and everything died except for a load of clicking under the dash and the cd player trying to eject a non existent disk. What can it be. I don't see an arc and after a while the lights came on, when I turned on the full headlights thinks went black but the parking lights came on and I was able to lock the car with the remote again. No battery problem, all the wires seem in the right place and the fuses are all ok. . What can it be. Does anyone know? :neutral:
  3. Southland

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    Hello Dartedly

    Sorry to take so long to reply.

    Not sure if this will help your situation or not. My problem was in the positive battery cable. While troubleshooting my truck, I moved the positive cable and noticed that the lights came back on. I checked the connection and found three small spots of corrosion. In my mind this should not have been enough to kill the entire system, so I decided to play it safe and installed a new positive cable. I've been running for nearly a month without any problems. By the way, my mechanic did say that relays will click constantly when getting low voltage which was the sound I was hearing under the dash. As far as the arc I saw under the dash, it is still a mystery.

    Hope this helps.

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    electrical problem

    i have 99 tahoe 2 door tahoe with 120xxx miles has a chip, knn ,flowmaster runs like a champ.but have an electrical problem i believe. i also noticed a clicking noise under dash.but my truck looses power speed cluster lights up airbag and brake light turns on then the tahoe shifhts real hard. took it to mechanic he said to remove aftermarket accessories like an amp, dvd with tv.but he did not want to check it. i dont think thats the problem. anybody help.

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