Dealer "Flashed" BCM 4 SRS MIL & "Dome-stays-On" ~ now JIMMY WON'T RUN... : ?

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by MAD JAX, Aug 10, 2013.

  1. MAD JAX

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    I took my '01 Jimmy 2wd 2dr SLS to the Local Dealership yesterday because the Air Bag System Warning Lamp was on (some "in-compatability" DTC?) and -- other than timing-out after an hour -- the Dome Lamps would never go-off for closing the driver door without pushing that "Over-ride" button located near the Headlamp Switch...I told them the guy I got the car from -- who never could get it reliably started/running over a years-time -- had (said He... ; ) replaced the Fuel Pump, Ignition Lock Cylinder, and BCM, and that since I'd replaced the Fuel Pump and corrected a LOT of funky wiring (a lot of which was HIS) and completed the 30-minunte Ign. Key "Relearn" prodceedure I haven't had any other problems..."so if you can verify "Flashing" the BCM will resolve the Air Bag & Dome Light problems then go-for-it".

    So the Tech "Flashed" the BCM, and though the Dome Lamp problem continues, the Air Bag light is now off and STAYS off (w/no DTC re-setting)...but NOW the Jimmy will only crank, fire and die...and is setting a "Theft System" DTC immediatly upon K.O.E.O. after "Clear DTC's"...

    Whereas it used to "Flash" with K.O.E.O. the "Security" lamp now comes-on solid, then goes-out. It has not responded to repeated trys at the 30-min "Key Program" proceedure, and the Tech said he'd also tried the "Quick-way" using the Laptop at His Tool Box.

    They wanted another $95 bucks to continue diagnostics, so I opted to have it towed-home to do it myself...where I put it on 10 amp. charger for the battery being depleted, and tried the 30-min. "Relearn" proceeduer Myself a few times...

    FWIW: Just prior leaving the dealership I'd also found that NOW My Remote-Key FOB doesn't work whatsoever (and that the dome-lamps STILL stay "On" unless You press the Over-ride" switch, etc.), so the Service Writer comes-out with a laptop to "Install Flash Updates to the PCM"...and in addition to everything else, NOW the Headlamps stay-on w/Key-On regardless of how many times you punch the "Over-ride" switch OR turn-off/on the Headlamp Switch : ?

    So I towed it BACK this morning, authorized another $95 bucks, and told them in no-uncertain terms the car needs to start, run, and drive-home by Tuesday morning and -- at-least! -- be RUNNING as-was when I brought it in ~ or tell me EXACTLY why it won't run, and warranty THEIR "Diagnosis".
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  2. MAD JAX

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    So the Dealership "Service Manager" calls/leaves-message first-thing 8 a.m. today -- Monday Morning -- "Please come down here and speak with us person-to-person" I do that.

    HE want's me to authorize what basically amounts to being a blank-check -- for THEM to diagnose the "Crank/No-Start" problem the Jimmy DID NOT HAVE when I brought it to them last-week -- or "then take the car off Our property as soon as you can arrange to do-so" ~ Really... : ?

    Well, I've since found a "GM Specialist" that does "LS Swaps" saying He can re-program the PCM, verify PATS communication, etc., and He tells me that if it's something THEY did to disable the vehicle ~ He'll be able to verify it...

    I hate having to imagine that a Dealership would stoop-so-low as to do something like sabotage a Customer Vehicle in-garner of "Up-Sell"...but then their "Jobs" box -- that holds the Techs Repair-Orders -- was literally empty that day last-week, and I do know that people will do some pretty outlandish things to "keep their fires lit and their Cabins warm" ~ I guess we will soon see : ?
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  3. stchman

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    Sounds like the dealer turned your running Jimmy into dead weight.

    I would tell them to fix your truck(at least to where it was before) and you're not paying them anymore money. If they say no, call the local news channel in your area.
  4. GM Customer Service

    GM Customer Service Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts

    MAD JAX,

    I am sorry to hear that you are upset with your dealership. I would like to learn more about your experience. Please private message me if I can be of assistance.

    Best regards,

    Jennifer T.
    GM Customer Care
  5. MAD JAX

    MAD JAX Member

    Dear Jennifer T,

    The consideration of Your assistance is greatly appreciated, now I look forward to Our correspondance, thank You.
  6. MAD JAX

    MAD JAX Member

    To those of You whom are watching this thread ~ STAY TUNED!

    A GM Customer Care rep is having one of their Diagnostic Specialists contact me 1st. hand just after this "Holiday Weekend" is over...meanwhile, guess I'll brush-up on My "Serial Communications Data" and "PATS" Vehicle Theft System theory-of-operation(s) : ?
  7. MAD JAX

    MAD JAX Member

    WHY I will not take My vehicle back to the Dealership that screwed-it-up!

    To those of You that may be following this thread because Your interested in better-understanding intermittant Crank/No-Start problems that may be related to component failures effecting GM's Anti-Theft System, the following "Trouble Tree" has been very helpful in assisting My understanding of what MAY have happend to My 2001 Jimmy ~ check-it-out:

    However, it doesn't exactly offer ME a resolution, because a lot of (My) result-criteria differs ~ thus I remain stuck with a dead-car ~ perhaps for whatever this Dealership Tech did to it nearly 4-weeks ago : ?

    Regardless of any pre-existing condition - which I've now come to learn is the case here for that "Security" Lamp/Status-Indicatior "blinking" presence being indicitive of such-condition - in hind-sight this particular Dealerships incompetence then becomes blindingly-illuminated for THEM:

    (A) Having failed to identify/reveal such a blatantly existing condition -- at least it SHOULD BE to THEM @ G.M. -- as a factor that would require being addressed PRIOR "Flashing" ANYTHING, and especially in resolution of My initial "complaints" (for their relevance to BCM/TCM communications-operations) with Me upon admission of the Vehicle for service.

    (B) Having been then either ignorant or malicious ~ TBD ~ for proceeding with whatever flawed stratagy became employed to then cause My vehicle to become disabled as-such... : ?

    (C) Initiating their B.S. "CYA" for THEN having itemized My "Description of Service and Parts" on My Repair Order-Recipt as-being "CUSTOMER REQUESTS TO REPROGRAM THE BODY CONTROL MODULE", which -- because No "Written Estimate" became presented to Me upon Them recieving the Vehicle -- I did not see until AFTER having declined any further "Diagnosis" there at the Service Writers counter, and THEN being presented "The Bill" : ?

    Remember: My initial complaints were (A) The Air-bag System Warning Lamp is "ON" (B) The Dome Lamps will ONLY go-OFF with the "Dome-Off Default" button being engaged...Yes, I DID say that I was told the BCM and other components were replaced, and too, that the BCM may-well require a "Flash", however...

    I THEN SAID "In no-uncertain terms are You to construe that I'm telling YOU the cause of what's wrong with this car OR how to fix-it...if a "Flash" will fix it ("SRS Mil & Dome-Lamp Always On") AND that's included in the $95 dollar charge ~ go-for-it!

    (D) Then add insult-to-injury : ?

    Despite THEM disabling the car AND not being able to tell me how it came to happen, I capitulated and brought the car BACK to allow them to proceed ~ and for having made My return in-good-faith & paid-credit ~ for them still having My first $95 bucks, and whereas "We" (Me/original Svc. Writer the following day) DID agree I would pay another $95 bucks for THEM to at-least pick-up where they left-off and diagnose what exactly happend to kill the damn car, and despite that whatever THEY DID TO IT...

    Their "Service Manager" then calls me-in Monday morning to tender His "...authorize further ("Blank-Check") diagnosis OR take Your vehicle off Our property immediatly..." ultimatum : ?

    Remember, I DROVE IT IN for "Service" otherwise functionally-operational ~ including the Keyless Remote/PATS Vehicle Theft System ~ and despite It's "Security Warning Lamp" a-flash right-there front-and-center of the Dash!


    So I've now told them the only place I'll take the vehicle for THEM to diagnose is to the GM TRAINING CENTER located near me, at My expense for transport, and done in My presence.

    Otherwise : ?

    I'll be taking it to a very competent "Independant" specializing in "LS Swaps" ~ One whom is very well-versed in late-model "Vehicle-Intergrated Communication Systems" ~ someone whom is so competent that instead of buying anyones "Custom Wiring Looms" they make Their own Wiring Harness, and too, craft and "Down-Load" Their own "High Performance Tunes"...all that trick-stuff.

    But that would generate a big "Bill" - including compensation for My labors - to "set an example" : ?

    So I'm looking forward to meeting the Staff at the Training Center, Us diagnose fixin' the car, and BOTH learning something ~ hopefully GM C.S. will rather make that opportunity happen : )
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  8. MAD JAX

    MAD JAX Member

    The Local GM Dealer says "WE DON'T WORK FOR FREE!" ~ well neither do I ; )

    @ stchman:
    I really hate to do-so, but they've left Me no-choice otherwise ~ I'm not dying on-the-cross for someone ELSE's "Sins" : ?

    First-off, I want to thank Jennifer T @ GM CUSTOMER SERVICE for Her efforts to interviene ~ She put everything I asked for on-the-table...basically "let's fix the car!".

    I've lost a LOT of time AND "opportunity" trying to deal with this issue amicably over the last 4 weeks ~ that's now-proven to have been a waste of My time... : (

    RESULT: My daughter had to go off-to-College without a vehicle ~ and "Mama" ain't happy about THAT whatsoever : ?

    This thread will evolve to show the how's 'n why's of GM Vehicle Theft System Flaws & Failures so stay tuned ~ We're goin' in!
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  9. MAD JAX

    MAD JAX Member

    Beware "Flashing Security-Warning Lamp" ~ "Dealers" know and should tell YOU why!


    If You or someone You know ever took a GM vehicle to a "Dealership" or other Automotive Repair Dealer (ARD) with the
    Vehicle Theft Security System "SECURITY" warning-lamp flashing
    -- FOR ANY REASON -- that was otherwise functionally-operational, and, while being diagnosed/serviced/repaired, It then became inoperatively-disabled ~ please describe the experience here or Private Message Me, thanx!
  10. MAD JAX

    MAD JAX Member

    Here's the lo-down so-far:

    My local GMC "Chevy Dealer" -- after having disabled the vehicle I brought-in as a "Customer" for "Service" -- had only refused to work on the vehicle any-further unless I paid them for an ADDITIONAL 2hr. diagnosis @ $95/hr. ~ saying "...and We will not garuntee to have the problem diagnosed conclusively within that may-well take more time than that to figure-it-out...and that's just the may require parts...and other be-fixed...whatever that will take."

    When I questioned their competence at that price the "Service Manager" then decided They would not work on the vehicle any further, saying "Ok, you know what...take it out of here...We dont' want anything further to-do with It...take it somewhere else...We don't work-for-free..."

    According to GM CUSTOMER SERVICE neither will any OTHER G.M. Dealership ~ "...It's a 2001 yr. model...the vehicle is well-outside any GMC factory warranty"

    Accordingly ~ NONE will take the vehicle in exception of those terms of "2 hr./rate NO-WARRANTY (ie; "Blank-Check" ; ) diagnosis"

    So NOW how can I "Get that great G.M. Feeling" : ?

    My daughters vehicle has been disabled for nearly TWO MONTHS now while I've tried to get this GM "Dealership" -- WITH "GM CUSTOMER SERVICE" MEDIATION -- to work something out with Me, including bringing It to their "Regional Training Center" located nearby at my expense (at-least THOSE guys know what they're doing AND wouldn't be "working for free") but all I can get from these people at the end-of-the-day is "NO" and "That's impossible" ~ so wtf : ?

    Now -- for a clear conflict-of-inerest to-do otherwise hereout -- I'm working with an "Independant GM Specialist" for THEIR diagnosis & determine whatever was done to the vehicle while in the care of the "Chevy Dealer", which has yet to be conclusively determined...because It DID start, run, and drive-well for the fact I'd spent the last several months making it "Road Ready" to serve My daughter's freshmen year in College!

    The description made of My request for service that day were as-follows:
    "The AIR-BAG warning lamp is on and the Dome-Lites STAY-ON unless "Dome Defeat" is depressed, and I've been told it had the Ignition Lock-Cylinder and Body Controller replaced...if a BCM "Flash" can fix those problems and there's no addtional costs beyond the initial $95 diagnostic-fee quoted for doing-so then no-uncertain-terms are you to construe that I'm telling You what's wrong with the vehicle OR how to fix it". (emphasis-added ~ ALL said BEFORE they took the vehicle!)

    This "Chevy Dealership" disabled My vehicle for whatever they did to it ~ AND THEN LIED ON THE REPAIR-ORDER saying "Customer requested reprogram Body Controller".

    Other than the "SECURITY" lamp flashing w/KOEO -- which I did NOT know was any "Problem" for the VTSS & Keyless Entry System functions working otherwise JUST FINE -- the vehicle was "Road Ready"...and it's only been "Dead Weight" since August 09, 2013 for their "Service" at that time : ?

    I've since learned "...when a "SECURITY" lamp is flashing while the vehicle remains operational IT WILL BECOME INOPERATIVELY-DISABLED upon interruption of Battery Power..."


    Despite My sincere co-operation with this "Dealership" and "GM CUSTOMER SERVICE" I am un-successful in resolving this situation and must now seek other remedy:


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