Dealership problems in Carlsbad Ca.

Discussion in 'Car Dealer Reviews' started by nikkeshelton, Nov 27, 2012.

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    Although most dealerships in San Diego are owned by the same family "Tag Auto Group" there is a big difference between dealers! I bough my truck at "North County GMC" in Carlsbad but they sold it off to buy a "Scion" dealership and left us to deal with Hoen Buick/Cadillac to maintenance my truck. It has been a fiasco from day one! I spend big $ putting GMC accessories on my truck (as I did at the N.C. GMC) but the work is like a cheap auto repair shop! Even the simplistic things ends up as crappy work! Overfill my fluids so I'm cleaning up oil on my drive for weeks! Then the heated seat install, factory unit mind you. Looked like a third rate stereo shop installed it! Asked them to service my truck before we traveled to AZ. When I got gas I checked the oil..2 qt low! Guess its time to look else where!
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    I'm sorry you're having troubles with your dealership. Please let me know if you would like to file a dealership complaint and/or locate a new dealership for you.

    Evan, Chevrolet Customer Service
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    Thanks Evan, am waiting for them to make right their errors before I go further. Just am amazed that they can't install factory GM accessories according to the factory directions. My tail gate lock got messed up at the auto wash so I went to the parts counter and they tried to first tell me that my tail gate lock with the backup camera was an aftermarket accessory. When we finally went through the computer all they could find was the entire bezel and wanted to replace the whole thing. I called Julie Wood as North County GMC Escondido and she ordered the lock mechanism for me! I hate to say it but I might have to start driving all the way to Escondido to have my truck serviced! Especially after spending thousands in labor to not get what I wanted! I actually have had to chase my own parts down, now that's service! I don't know if the dealer realizes it but after sales service is what sells me now that I'm to old to work on my vehicle.
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    Well the Hoen Motor group owns the Carlsbad Cadillac/Buick/GMC dealership. Not the TAG Auto mistake. But that doesn't make them any better! They are going to try and wire up my accessory power socket in my center console/seat this Thursday, they have 3 different wiring harnesses. I called a Jeff Corral who now is a service rep. at a TAG GMC dealership in National City who tells me that the wiring is probably under the carpet. I am so sick of this Carlsbad dealership that I will ask for my money I paid for this oil change service because I don't want any more oil spots on my drive! I will NEVER buy an auto from the Hoen Group after they have screwed me around so much! According to the other GMC dealerships they even overcharged me for their poor service! If a Dealership doesen't have knowledge about their product they should not be servicing them!!

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