deathcool aka dexcool???? GM Class Action Lawsuit

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by judsteele, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. judsteele

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    ive been doing some reading on this problem, and alot of people are saying that the anti freeze in the gm cars and trucks ''dexcool'' IS VERY BAD when it is mixed with air from a leaking manifold gasket like i have, it does a number of BAD things like turns to a brown sludge and plugs passages in our motors causing all sorts of problems like engine failure bearing wear when it is mixed with the oil in the block. hell there was even a lawsuit against GM and the prblems that this anti freeze has caused. what should i do about the anti freeze that is in my truck now???? flush it and replace it with what other brand since it calls for only the dexcool right? or am i wrong in this info what do you guys think??
  2. Stealth

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    Can you give us the sites where you are finding this information? That would be helpful
  3. judsteele

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    its easy just google dexcool all the info is there, its alot of not so good things. btw the lawsuite is over
  4. judsteele

    judsteele Rockstar try this
  5. judsteele

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  7. ferg's04

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    all you have to do is google mysterious coolant leak and it will show up. i just got my tahoe back from the shop where they replaced the heads due to dexcool. cost me 100, warranty company 2700, ouch:rules:
  8. rustyk2

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    There is a coolant that works with all color anti-freeze. I am using it in my Camaro that requires Dex-cool without any problems. Might be worth looking in to.
  9. 2COR517

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    Death cool is junk. Get it out. The rumor that it failed only in leaking systems was false. There are pics out there of systems that never lost a drop. Completely clogged heater cores and radiators.

    The benefit of DexCool is that it is organic, and therefore less toxic. But being organic means it breaks down over time. If you are real good about draining and flushing your cooling system every two years or less, it's OK.
  10. rustyk2

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    What ever you do, do not mix Dex-cool and regular coolant, it turns to acid and eats everything. Had an older Chevy truck that had Dex-cool and the mechanic just switched it out with regular coolant. It ate the bearings out of the water pump. then blew the head.

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