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  1. 95_Silverado

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    I have a black z-71 and i have already started accenting it with yellow. i was wondering if anyone knew about some cool yellow Z-71 decals for the bed, or if anyone could think up some ideas.
  2. Springthing

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    Go to your local sign maker and they'll be able to print up anything for you! For under $10 they could give you a "Z/71" vinyl in any colour to replace stock.... just a thought.

    Another one: seek an airbrusher! A good one will be able to hand paint you some custom looking emblems/"decals".
  3. TRPLXL2

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    Going along with the paint theme, if you want a one off piece for your truck with your influence. Go to the craft store and buy a packet of friskett film, it is what airbrush artist's use. Take your time and draw out a Z-71 logo to your liking on the shiny side of the friskett paper, then cut the logo out close to your lines. Peel off the backing and stick it on your bed in the position that you want it, and then take it to a car show or somewhere with one of those guys that does the hand painting instead of airbrushing. Hand painting is cheaper to have done, and airbrushing is much more expensive to have done. I have done this in the past for stuff I have had painted, and I love being able to say "hey that's my design" Just an idea, good luck! :happy:
  4. id stay with stickers so they can be taken off / replaced easily later
  5. fd8215

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    look on ebay, there are a bunch of people selling them, and they will make them in any colour you want. The diamond plate one looks awsome.

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