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    December 2007 Member Contest
    Info, Rules & Guidelines

    To help thank everyone that has helped this site grow to what it is today, we’re giving some prizes to lucky members that will be drawn at random on Monday, December 31, 2007.

    How to enter: Simply post messages on Each message that you post is counted as an entry to the contest.

    Grand Prize
    One Third or Fourth Row Seat from
    Check out for more information and product details.

    - One winner, one prize
    - Up to a $680 value!
    - You choose which one seat you want from the following:
    -- A cloth or vinyl "Fourth Seat" designed for a Suburban
    -- or a cloth or vinyl "Third Seat" designed for a Yukon/Tahoe
    -- or a cloth or vinyl "Third Seat" designed for a Trailblazer/Envoy

    Another seat of equal or lesser value may be substituted at the sole discretion of Little Passenger Seats. Leather and Deluxe packages are not part of prize. Shipping costs are not included as part of prize and must be paid by contest winner.

    See or website for more product photos.​

    First Prize
    A Shorty Antenna for your GM Vehicle from
    We’ve got three great antennas to give away.
    - Three winners will each receive one Antenna
    - Each antenna valued at approximately $17.99
    - You choose the antenna for your GM vehicle from the website.

    Shipping charges to the continental US are included with prize. Non-US address shipping charges may vary and are responsibility of prize winner.


    Second Prize
    Some cool swag from GM
    We’ve made some connections with the nice folks at GM. They’ve agreed to give away a couple of cool pieces as part of this contest.

    - A blanket/throw with a cool GM logo
    - A collapsible cooler with the GM logo
    - Value is not known, but one person will win both of these items!

    Shipping charges to the continental US are included with prize. Non-US address shipping charges may vary and are responsibility of prize winner.


    How does it work?
    Each post on has a unique post number. This includes new topics and replies to existing topics. On December 31st, we will randomly generate several numbers that fall between the first post of December 1st, 2007 and the last post of December 30th, 2007 and assign them to each prize to give away.

    If that number matches the post number of a message that you posted, and you meet all criteria listed below, then you will be awarded one of the prizes listed below. The more messages that you post, the greater the odds are that you will win.

    Contest Starts:December 1, 2007 – at 12:00 AM
    Contest Ends:December 30, 2007 – at 11:59 PM

    Who Is Eligible?
    1. All members that have made at least 20 (twenty) posts by the end of the contest are eligible.
    2. All other members and non-members are not eligible. You have to have 20 posts to be eligible to win the contest.

    Here are the Rules!
    1. Posts made before 12:00 AM on December 1, 2007 do not count for the contest.
    2. Posts made after 11:59 PM on December 30, 2007 do not count for the contest.
    3. Posts that are considered spam will be disqualified from the contest. In the event that the randomly generated number matches with a spam message, a new randomly generated number will be selected.
    4. The determination between valid and spam messages is solely at the discretion of the site administrator.
    5. Any and all members that are banned from the website are automatically disqualified from the contest.
    6. Prizes will be announced on December 31, 2007 through a publicly posted message, Private Message and email. It is the responsibility of the winner to monitor these communication methods and respond to collect the prize.
    7. Prizes not collected within 7 days will be forfeited and a new winner will be selected.
    8. The winner must provide necessary personal information, such as legal name and address, to be awarded the prize. Failure to provide this information will result in disqualification and the prize being awarded to another member.
    9. All taxes and shipping costs are the sole responsibility of the prize winner unless otherwise stated.
    10. Contest void where prohibited by law and international treaty. Prizes are actually coupons to be redeemed by vendor.
    11. All members that are caught posting spam will automatically be disqualified and they will be banned from participating in future contests.
    12. This post is the official contest rules list. Contest rules subject to change without notice at discretion of site administrator.
    13. No purchase is necessary to take part in this contest.
    14. Prizes are non-transferable, are not redeemable for cash and are subject to change without notice.
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    bumping this post.
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    Sounds like fun! Thanks Steve :great:
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    You know I'm in:great:
  5. Flatman

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    nice prizes!!!
  6. JayMack75

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    Very nice prizes indeed...
  7. skivhere

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    Good Deal!!! I'm in!
  8. 03TrailBlazer

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    Cool idea !

    I know I have been away from the forum for a while, but I have a few things to share and a few questions to ask (opinions) about my aging trailblazer. Fortunately, next week I'll be off, so I'll have more time....
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    Remarkable work, Steve the Man !!!!:great::great::great: three thumbs UP !
  10. craig6970

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    great prizes

    Very nice prizes indeed. and nice truck holy smoke

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