Dedicated Propane Tank Relocation

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    Hey all. Just joined a few days ago so i'll begin from the start.

    I got my first set of wheels just after the 2012 year started. I went with a Nissan Hardbody (D21). I nice little truck, reliable. But I soon realized just how useless a small truck was for hauling, towing, etc, applications. So A few other cars later and were here. With my new to me, 1981 Chevy Cheyenne 3/4 4x4. I was looking for quite some time trying to find a full size truck I could actually afford to drive. So I looked into Propane. Preferring a dual fuel of course, but with no avail, set on a dedicated system. Its only been a few days but so far, no complaints. For a 32 year old car it runs and drives like a dream. My only quarrel is the 80-100L (Yeah, Canadian) tank in the bed of the box. Now I know propane is much more malleable in terms of not blowing your face off then Compressed Natural Gas. But I'm just wondering if anyone has had this issue. I say had because I'm hoping someone will have an idea of exactly where to relocated it. I've been thinking side saddle under the body, but I hear that's not the safest. Obviously I'd need to access the tank with relative ease. The original gas fuel tanks are removed already. Possibly their? Would there be anyway to use the original fuel fillers with these tanks? A neck of some sort going from the tank too the fill door? I'm not sure how things are where everyone else is. But the tank cannot be in a closed space. (I.E in a toolbox). Any ideas or opinions would be awesome.

    As always, the help is very much appreciated.
    Thanks, Jason.

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