Desperate for help!!! Katrina messed up my Tahoe!

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by cheffernan, Aug 30, 2005.

  1. cheffernan

    cheffernan New Member

    I need help from you experts out there- During hurricane Katrina here in Miami, I got about a half a foot of water in my 2001 Tahoe, but at one time the wateer had come up to about halfway up the grille. I drove the truck (which was running erratically) to a hill so that any residual water could drain out of the exhaust and replaced the moist air filter. The truck drove great all weekend, but suddenly the "reduced engine power" light came on, which it is supposed to do in case the truck overheats, but the temperature guage was saying everything was fine. The traction control ight began to show "Traction off" and would not respond to the button. I am very mechanically inclined, but the Haynes manual gives no hint as to where to start looking in something like this. I think that maybe the computer thinks that the truck is overheating due to the fact that there still may be restriction in the exhaust, but do I need a computer to clear the trouble code so that the engine will run normally once all the water is out?
  2. ChevyFan

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    UGH! Water and modern vehichles just don't mix. Too many electrical gadgets to get messed up.

    Could be any number of things. Are you hearing any new or odd sounds from under the hood? Or is it just electrical? It's odd that it didn't start off right away with problems.
  3. cheffernan

    cheffernan New Member

    No unusual sounds from under the hood, but I nursed it to my electrical man who I trust. He had it all day yesterday and said that it looked like the engine had been tampered with by some hack. He said the throttle plate had scratches on it like someone had been pushing it open with a screwdriver. He's replacing some sensors today (He suspects they may have shorted out due to the water) and then see if any of the trouble codes clear up.

    These troubles pale in comparison with what all those poor people in the gulf states are going through, though. Wish I could help more than just sending money.
  4. ChevyFan

    ChevyFan The Sheriff Staff Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    yeah, my In-laws (father in law and step-mother in law) live in Vancleave, MS, which is 15 minutes from the Gulf (from what I remember). Father in law was overseas (works on oil rigs all over the world), step-mother in law was at home and rode it out!!! They survived, but had to leave and head out of town. They were on I-10 trying to drive out of the area last that I heard.
  5. cheffernan

    cheffernan New Member

    Sheesh, they're very lucky. This was the 7th hurricane I have been through since living in Florida, and I can't imagine a category 5 that large making landfall on a major city.

    On a lighter note, I got a call from my mechanic. A simple replacement of the sensor fixed the situation. I was so happy that I went ahead and ordered new 22" wheels and Nitto tires.
  6. ProzacKid

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    Lots of broken down vehicles.

    I'll tell you what, there will be people driving to cities like Dallas, Oklahoma City, Kansas City, etc. that will be buying up bunches of good work trucks for like $5,000/each, putting them on a car carrier and driving them down to lots around LA and MS. They'll be able to sell them for like $7,500 each becuase good work trucks will be in short supply for the next 6-9 months.

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