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    For those who are interested, GM offers what they call "Restoration Packets". These are available to U.S. and Canadian customers and are quite detailed. Some of the information included are, Original paint and interior color, production and shipping dates, quantity of same model produced, original engine number, original dealer and location, special options, and engineering specifications. GM has most information dating back to 1946 available, all you supply is your VIN tag number.
    This service can be quite handy when buying or restoring collector cars(e.g.-seller has a 1969 RS/SS 396 Camaro convertable claiming to be all original and numbers matching and you want verify it, car could easily be a converted straight six, not that anyone has ever tried to scam someone :roll: )
    When I received my package it was 46 pages with detailed info including original sticker price and price sheet of all options available for my Suburban,(quite cheap compared to the cost of a new equivelent Suburban even with inflation factored in). Mine is sort of rare considering only 326 Diesel Suburbans were built that year and out of that mine is 1 of 69 Heavy Duty "J" code Diesel Suburbans built.

    For U.S. customers contact GM Customer Service 1-800-222-1020 or
    Chevrolet P.O.Box 33170 Detroit Michigan 48232-5170
    It is a free service and they say allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

    For Canadian customers contact General Motors Vintage Vehicle Services
    Unfortunately it is $45.00cdn but only 2-3 weeks for delivery(I received mone in just over a week).

    I found the service worthwhile as I am not the original owner and I have no intension of ever selling my Suburban, just lots of modifications and maybe one day giving it to my daughter when she's old enough(definitely a safe vehicle for her to drive).
    Ron :D
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    That's really great to know. I think I'll call them later today. It would be interesting to see just how detailed the info is.
    My father always says that he thinks my suburban was built mid-week. It seems to have a lot less problems than other vehicles he's owned. The theory is that the workers were more "on the ball" around mid-week, and put more effort into their jobs, since they already got the Monday Blues out of the way, and it's not yet Friday so they're not distracted by the upcoming weekend.

    It kind of makes sense. So maybe this report would show the actual date of the year that my suburban was completed.
    Then I can either prove his theory, or not... :lol:
  3. 3com

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    it takes about 3 days with 2 shifts to build a vehicle from start to finish, from body shop to final line. so chances are 90 % of all cars and trucks where built somewhere in there.
    also after lunch or supper on the second shift is not a good time to have been built. too many beers or joints or both, i speek from experience. half hour lunch is enuf time for 2 beers and 2 joints.
    "never buy a car built on a monday or a friday, or durring a labor dispute"
  4. ChevyFan

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    lol, good advice.
  5. rcpd34

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    Can you e-mail the request somewhere?
  6. Guest

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    I called the number listed and I was told by chevrolet that they don't have any restoration packets on my '93 suburban :cry:

    then the rep gave me a number and told me it was "Vintage Chevrolet" and they should be able to help me.
    Must not be my day because the number I dialed just plops me into a voicemail service that has no options. "just tells me to dial the mailbox number, and if I don't have a touch tone phone I cannot use the system and I should hang up."

    I must have written the number down wrong. I'll keep you posted on what I find out.
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Ok....Here's the update.

    I guess I must have gotten a rep who didn't really want to be bothered. However I called back and got a a young lady by the name of Angelea. Who was nice enough to tell me that they didn't have the info for the '93 Suburban (knew that) but she would just need to place a request for a packet to be generated. She also told me that there have not been a lot of requests for suburbans, and mine was her first. Mostly for (you guessed it) Camaros.

    So if you call, be sure to push the issue if they say that they don't have any restoration packets for suburbans...because they currently don't. Ask them to order it. The more people that request them, then the more likely it will be that they make them readilly available in the future. Asi it stands now they have packets ready to ship for the entire chevy truck line-up, but not the suburban.....go figure!

    I can't wait for my packet, and I will let you know how long it takes to come in once I get it.
  8. Davandy

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    I wane have one of those too

    But I live in Belgium and not in the US :(
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Peter, the PM you got was from me. I was offering to work something out to get you the restoration packet for your suburban. Let me know what you think, and we can discuss options if you like. (ie..Scan and email the pages.)
  10. Davandy

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    Hi TrailLeadr,

    I have send you a PM yesterday with my e-mail address.
    If you can't read it go to my website there's an e-mail link. :wink:

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