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Discussion in 'Programmers & Tuning' started by PantheraUncia, Aug 25, 2012.

  1. PantheraUncia

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    So I have been using the Diablo Data viewer for about a week now because I ran into some problems getting it going:

    1. It could not find the Intune - I solved the problem by looking around and found out that it defaulted to COM7 but apparently its not compatible with COM Ports higher than COM4. To support plug and play with any modern computer, a device should be able to support over COM4.
      1. I went ahead and assigned it to COM2 and the Data Viewer saw it fine.
      2. I did change the speed on the COM Port from 9600 (default) to 112500 (highest). If you try to chart anything at 9600, you are not getting accurate data (the data is being sent to the computer slower than the Intune is getting thus, this is a bottle neck and the charts and gauges do not update "realtime"
      3. (There is nothing in Diablo's documentation about the limitation of the COM Ports), Windows found it on COM 7, the Data Viewer did not = Data Viewer Problem, not Windows.
    2. Why does it need a com port?
      1. Any modern USB device typically supports higher transfer rates than 128500 (the max for the usual COM Port) by using USB protocol (at least USB 2.x)
    3. The more gauges and charts you want to run - it chokes (The laptop has the power and memory to do this, so the laptop is not the issue);
      1. The Diablo Data Viewer is not able to keep up and display the data in real time. (I believe this to be the problem with the speed limitations of the COM Port)
    4. The Diablo Data Viewer decides randomly when it wants to stop logging and force you to save the log you generated.
      1. I have had it stop after 2 minutes, the longest I got it to log was 5 minutes before the logging was interrupted, this is very irritating because the idea is that:
        1. I am in park.
        2. I tell it to start logging.
        3. I put the truck in drive. ( now I am paying attention to the road and traffic, not the Data Viewer )
        4. I look at the screen and I have to save the log after moving 2000ft (I have no idea how I am going to log anything in 2-6 minutes of actual driving) and now my attention is not on the road where it should be.
    5. I get that stuff is "proprietary" but save the logs in an industry standard format - really
      1. I get that people are trying to run a business and they don't want their compedtitor's to know how they do stuff. (Apple comes to mind)
      2. If GM did not want anyone but themselves to have access to the data from the computer then there would not be any tuners and anyone that wanted data or to be able to re-program the computer, we would all have to buy a Tech 2 if they would let us.
      3. Can we get an update where the Intune saves as a *CSV file? I can open CSV files in a number of programs:
        • Excel
        • Access
        • Crystal Reports
        • SQL
        • Microsoft Works (yuck) but it would work.
        • Open Office (spreadsheet app)
        • and a number of other programs.

    I am not really happy with the way the Diablo Data Viewer works and it will factor into my decision to purchase another Diablo Product
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  2. 06MonteSS

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    no reason to use the dataviewer to record logs... you can record logs directly with the tool itself....

    then when done, copy log file to your pc and open with the dataviewer...

    and yes, the less parameters you log, the better the logging will be, faster sampling rate, etc... there's really only 10-12 parameters that are needed to log....

    Equivalence Ratio

    Long Term fuel trim bank 1

    Long Term Fuel Trim Bank 2

    Spark Advance

    Intake air Temp

    MAF Sensor Mass Air Flow

    MAF Sensor Frequency

    Total Knock Spark Retard

    Engine Speed (RPM)

    Commanded Throttle position or Absolute Throttle Position

    as for saving the logs as a csv file, you do that with the dataviewer... open the log file in the dataviewer... then go to File - Export to CSV and save it as a csv file...

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  3. PantheraUncia

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    Hi Lew,

    Thank you for the information :) I know the intune can do it. I have logged with the intune by itself a few times. I usually log for 30 minutes or so. The issue with that is, it takes 5 minutes to write the file once I am done doing a 30 minute log.

    I am also a tech guy and I want to see the live data from the intune on the laptop. If I need to go to a more advanced data logger that can update more than 10 gauges real time, then I will need to go that route.

    I would expect that USB is fast enough to transfer data fast enough to the laptop to record that much data in real time unless it uses the USB 1.1 standard.

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