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Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by c_m_chance, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. c_m_chance

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    Just got my Diablo programmer in today. I'm planning on hooking it up tomorrow and testing it out. However, reading the little booklet that came with it it says that it recommends to pull a few fuses before pulging it in. I don't remember what they all were, radio was one I believe. Is this really necessary? Sounds like a hassle more than anything, but I mean if it could actually mess some thing up then I'll pull em out. What are some of the opinions of the Diablo users out there?
  2. Jimmiee

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    There's a good reason why you are instructed to remove fuses. The programmer is not smart enough to deal with those circuits. Leaving the fuses in will cause false codes to set during programming. Do yourself a favor and follow the instructions. The first question the Diablo help line will ask you is which fuses did you remove. :)
  3. c_m_chance

    c_m_chance Rockstar 100 Posts

    Understandable. After reading your reply i went straight out and installed the 87 octane tune since I just got a full tank yesterday of 87 octane. I'll see how it does throughout the day and stuff. Next fill up I'll try out the performance tune. Looking forward to using it!
  4. Jimmiee

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    Keep us posted on the results.
  5. Tdaz250

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    Yeah please do post your results. Im thinking of getting a diablo programmer and i'm curious of your MPG and power gains :great:
  6. c_m_chance

    c_m_chance Rockstar 100 Posts

    Well so far today I've drove about 50 to 60 miles and reset the Average Economy reading on my truck (before I started it and was still in the drive way). I was getting about 12.1 MPG city and right now I'm at 13.3 MPG city. We will see over the next few days if that continues to rise or lower however.

    The improvement in shifting firmness was very nice! The truck definitely has some more get up and go when I lay into it, even at high speeds. And I noticed right away the changed infamous 1-2 shift that everyone talks about. Definitely much nicer and useful shift now lol.

    I will keep yall posted as the week progresses. Tomorrow I will be leaving for a 110 mile highway trip so I will have to let yall know the results from that when I get back on Friday.
  7. c_m_chance

    c_m_chance Rockstar 100 Posts

    Ok. Here's another update for those interested. Just got back from my trip. 110 miles on thursday (first 30 were city, rest were highway averaging at about 70mph) - the average MPG was 15.7MPG. Today on the way back, same roads, same distance, heavier traffic (highway averaging about 65mph) - 15.0MPG. I was at about 15.8MPg until i got back around the city area. That just killed it because it was so damn busy and I caught just about every light. So it dropped down to 15MPG averaging out the total trip.

    Overall tho, I am impressed. I mean I didn't get a truck for fuel economy, but its nice to know that its decent economy for a truck of its size.
  8. canislupis69

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    The numbers look good! I have been considering getting a diablo, but have a question since you own one. I am running 35 inch tires and I am swapping my gears next week. Will the diablo adjust the speedo for the larger tire size as well as swap the gear ratio size. Also, will it allow you to save your factory settings in case I ever need to take the truck in to the Chevy dealer?
  9. One reason for the removal of the fuse is for the Onstar, so you won't be contacting Onstar telling them there is a problem with your truck when there really isn't a problem.
  10. c_m_chance

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    Well, I did just get it so I can help you the most I can. As far as adjusting speedo for the tires and gears, I can not confirm that one for you myself. I have not checked into that part yet. I have heard that you can, but I just can't confirm it. But I do know that when you download one of the preloaded tunes, it does save your factory settings on the programmer. The factory setting will remain there and can not be deleted. It also wont allow you to program another vehicle while it has your factory settings stored on it. It does all this so that you can return the factory settings to your vehicle at any time with out having to worry about it getting deleted. And yes, it is recommended to return it to factory settings before you take it to the dealer because there is a possibility that if they detect that the factory settings have been changed, it can void your warranty.

    I can try and check it out a bit more the next few days and I'll let you know if I can confirm the speedometer changing.

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