Diablo programmer for NNBS 5.3

Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by steves86ta, Dec 4, 2008.

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    Hey its me again lol i bought a programmer today for my truck. I did lots of research last night and decided on the Diablo programmer for my truck. I looked up the features and one of the main things i liked about it was that it was capable of removing the torque management on the truck. I picked it up today, and well as the differences it did make were very noticeable, it did not have the option to remove the TM, which was my whole reason for purchasing the unit. As far as the pre loaded tunes it was a very noticeable difference, and the driveability was greatly improved. The things i like about it are that you can adjust every aspect of your tune without a laptop. Like you can adjust the injector pulse width, you can also adjust the spark tables too. So i would highly recommend it. Put it this way on the "diablo" tune it will have absolutely no problem doing a brake stand. With the 87 tune installed it is harder, and with the stock one even more difficult. Shifting was greatly improved. I am going to return mine and put the money towards a custom tune. But for somebody that is not as picky as i am, and most people are not. I highly recommend this power programmer. A+ product

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