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Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by Silver Chevy, Jul 24, 2011.

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    I ordered a Diablo Tuner,,It just came yesterday from Auto Anything,,,
    Ok I have a 11 with 5.3 and 3,000 mile's,, I already had added K and N CAI, Gibson Dual Exhaust, and they made my truck sound great, but I didn't feel anything like other poeple have told me, but after I did the tune, I can't believe how my truck performs,, I did the standard 87 tune, Straight out of the box, I have no more flat spost in my pedal, rev's higher, shifts are so strong,,more power,, i really can't believe it,,, never ever I would have thought it was possible,, now should I just leave it the way it is or play,,,best 300 spent

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    Get your LongTermFuelTrims dialed in. It will make a differance in power,throttle response and mpg's. Look on there site and forums on how to adjust. Its under adjusting injector slope. When your ready to adjust its under the modified tune section of your Preditor.
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    I'm kind of worried about changing things, I know your right, and sure I would want more, your right I'm going to have to play a little

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