DiabloSport inTune programmer now shipping!

Discussion in 'DiabloSport :: Gas and Diesel Tuning' started by 06MonteSS, Dec 8, 2011.

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    ok, now I'm curious. What's the deal with this and how does it work?


  3. Kapelusprime

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    Footprint Question

    Do your products leave an electronic footprint? Say I buy the predator, If unplugged when going to the dealer for a service can they find traces of your programmer? I see the trinity has re flash, what about predator? The in tune looks cool, but I'm looking to stay low buck right now. My truck runs fine, tuning it to stay at optimal 93 octane since it's all I run would be grate. Also for the future for any drive-ability issues that may arise with AMF on the 5.3. As far as your company's claims of horse power gains, do you have any real world data on increased Hp on a stock configuration, IE rolling dyno ect.
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  4. 06MonteSS

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    none of the programmers need to stay plugged in... you connect it to the obd port, flash the tune to the vehicle's ecm, then you unplug the tool...

    before going to a dealer, you would want to make sure that you restore the "original backup" stock tune to the vehicle first... and that way, no - there is no footprint...

    if you left the tune in the vehicle, then yes, obviously they'd be able to tell... but when you restore the original backup stock tune, there is no footprint/watermark left, so no worries there...

    the trinity, predator, intune, ALL have the ability to reflash/restore the original stock tune to the vehicle...

    keep in mind, that the predator's will be phased out soon, due to the intune being their replacement... and the predator's do not have and will not have tcm/tranny support... the Trinity currently does and the intune will soon as well.. plus they will be able to tune more than one vehicle at a time with another planned future update.

    there are no driveability issues... you can disable the DOD/AFM if you want, or leave it on... the hp/tq claims ARE based on real-world data, since the tunes are developed on an actual vehicle on a dyno...
  5. Kapelusprime

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    Thank you sir for the fast reply; If the intune supports the 6 speed auto tune as well, then an intune it will be. I think you've got a new customer.
  6. 06MonteSS

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    cool, thx man!

    as I mentioned above, the inTune doesn't have tcm/tranny support yet, but it will... the Trinity currently has 6-speed support, and 4-speed support will be added soon (I'm actually testing it on my own car right now)... and once it's all squared away for the trinity, they will begin porting it over to the intune...
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    Clicking the 'Order Your inTune Now' button takes me to a page that reads as follows:,
    View attachment 32558

    Note that this indicates the product is NOT available and can only be pre-ordered. Is or isn't it available/shipping, yet?

    1) Please define 'soon'.
    2) Please indicate when inTune will support GM vehicles that are older than 2007, since the Predators do as of this writing ... and inTune does NOT as of this writing.

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    Diablosport does not ship direct to consumers - it is shipping to RESELLERS/VENDORS... all of diablosports resellers/vendors do not have them yet, so once the reseller/vendor gets them, they they will ship to you/consumers. So yes, it's still basically a pre-order and it will be filled once the reseller get them in stock.

    1 - please note that even though the inTune is replacing the predators, the predators still have their warranties, will still be supported on diablo's forums, etc. My best guess is that once the inTune is out in full swing, supports all the class2 vehicles, etc., is when diablo will end production on predators. Exactly when, I couldn't tell ya.

    2 - I am not sure of when all older class2 vehicles will be supported - can't give you a definite date/time. it WILL definitely support them, since it is replacing the predators, but I am not sure of their timeframe down there at diablo...I'm sure it depends on all their engineering tasks/jobs they have, scheduling/priorities, etc... your best bet is to contact them on their forums to find out what their estimated timeframe is.
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    what do the different 'canned tunes' look like? do you have tunes for towing and mountain driving? let's say for a 2010 Silverado.
  10. 06MonteSS

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    for trucks, there's an 87 octane tune and the Diablo Tune - which is for 91 octane or higher... both tunes improve hp, torque, throttle response and improve towing...

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