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Discussion in 'Programmers & Tuning' started by mah2496, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. mah2496

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    Whoa!! I have no clue as to why your mpg are worse. I'm not real savvy with tuners either, which is why I went to Lew for suggestions. I was very skeptical before buying a tuner. I was asking Diablo about their return policy before even purchasing a tuner. I cant say enough good things about my inTune. The most significant improvement has been the performance at highway speeds. Ever since I put on slightly taller tires, my ability to pass at +70 mph was terrible! The inTune gave me a much needed boost to accel to 85 mph in no time. On my 90mi drive home today, I noticed it very rarely downshifted on inclines. Before inTune, it would downshift two gears and hit 5000rpm to maintain highway speed up an incline.

    I performed data logging on my drive home this evening and just sent my logs to Lew.
  2. Mzarb28

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    Performance wise I couldnt be happier, I will keep adjusting and see what happens, thanks guys
  3. Mzarb28

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    So second full tank of gas, and again horrible results, 13.4mpg!! That was running the mpg booster settings. I went back to 87 octane, with DOD off, any other suggestions!!
  4. mah2496

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    13.4mpg....Damn! Wonder if you need a Diablew tune to accomodate your other performance parts?? Mine is bone stock except for the drop in K&N air filter.

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    Update: Got my custom tune from Lew today. Loaded it and immediately took it for a test drive, with the understanding that I need to drive 100 mi and allow the ecu to relearn the custom tune (that will happen tomorrow with my commute to work). The +70mph passing power may have improved slightly from the 87 oct tune. However, the 0 to 60 acceleration was a huge improvement. My before video shows roughly 10 secs prior to installing inTune, and the after video shows roughly 8 secs with Diablew tune installed. Once I hit 20mph and 2500rpm, it really turns it on as it climbs to 60mph. Diablo and Lew are freak'in awesome!
  5. Mzarb28

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    Ya I don't know what goin on, I thought for sure after reading everyone's post I would be gaining 3mpg not losing 3, lol!!
  6. DiabloMike

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    Turning DoD off will generally lead to a loss in MPGs.

    Also, do the math, dont trust the overhead display.
  7. Mzarb28

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    Ok, 3rd tank go gas avg mpg went up to 16.7mpg, and was mostly all city driving with DOD disabled. I'm now running it with DOD on, will update
  8. Falcone

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    So whats the big difference between the intune and the trinity? I have a 2010 4.8 sierra and have been on the fence about a tuner since I got the truck. I'd love to see some better MPG and I pretty much only use 87 oct. So the 87 tune would be great. If I were to pick up the intune from you (Lew), with the custom tune. Would I get the tuner, hook it up and data log then send it to you and get a custom tune? Or would you have a "custom" tune already on it?

    also what happens if say I add a 2.5" lift and some meaty tires? Do I need to re-log and pay for another tune? I'm thinking this might be my tax return present to myself this year, since we hardly have any snow and I'm not doing my normal winter sports :neutral:
  9. 06MonteSS

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    the trinity has more features, has tcm/transmission support, etc. for either one, you would get the programmer first, and you'd have to install one of the preset canned tunes to your truck so that the tool saves a copy of the "original backup" stock tune file and the "last tune written" tune file... then you'd export/save copies of those two tune files to your PC and email them to me... I create the custom tune file for you and email it back to you... you import it into the tool, then install to the truck... then you put on some miles so the fuel trims get relearned and settle in, then do a data log for me, I make some fine-tuning adjustments and send you a revised custom tune file, etc etc.

    as for your tires, you can change the tire size using the tool, then get me a new log and i'll check it out, but other than changing the tire size in the tune, there's usually really nothing else needed to change... tune updates are free for a year...
  10. Mzarb28

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    Monte how do I log info to send to you..

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