Diablosport predator handheld programmer tuner

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    For sale a diablosport predator tuner that flashes your computer. comes with 3 settings from factory (87, 91 performance, 91 towing)! all of these boast huge hp torque gains and mpg over stock. You will get better much firmer shifts that will increase the life of your transmission and act like a shift kit, ability to change your shift points, increased spark and timing and much more power!! this programmer is also plug and play you can create your own tune and if you dont like it you cant just go back and try again.You CANT do this with superchips hypertech etc!! It is also fully updateable! you can also go back to factory in less than 2 minutes if you have to bring it to the dealership. The gains are supposed to be minumum 20 hp and torque to the wheels! i bought this programmer less than 3 weeks ago and it was night and day! it has only been plugged in once and i will just need to plug it in one more time to go back to stock to unlock the vin so you can use it. it is still in the original box with all the styrofoam peanuts! I paid 369.00 plus shipping and will be letting it go for 280 shipped! my loss is your gain. the only reason i am selling this is b/c it will not work with a supercharger and my buddy that owns a shop just sold his silverado and is parting it out separately for more money. for the price and free installation i couldnt pass it up. this programmers # is u7193 which is the updated 7195. it will work on the 4.8 5.3 6.0 8.1 years 03-05 but maybe more. just read about this programmer on this site. it is a must have for any chevy. it really wakes this thing up!!! i check my email about once every day or every other day. this programmer is first come first serve. if you would like to reach me sooner my cell is 845 238 4024 i always have it on me. otherwise i will respond to all pm's and posts asap. thanks
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    the programmer is sold!

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