Diagnosis booster, MC or both

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    2001, 146K, 1500 suburban which I am replacing the rotors and pads on the front this weekend (thanks to some nice DYI posts on the board here)

    Pedal feel on the truck is soft (more travel then normal) fluid needs a change as well which will be done when I do the job above.

    The pedal thing had me thinking is my booster or MC on its way out. My fluid was a tad low but not that significant to be honest. I need to inspect the vacuum hoses on the booster more carefully but I do not recall anything looking cracked or crappy in general.

    I am for sure getting a new MC cap to help with the seal and my plan was to carefully inspect the vac hoses (replace if obviously bad) and see if the new fluid +new rotors do the trick. Front pads are not that worn but the rotors shutter like a 5 year old watching a jason movie when you stop.

    Obviously I would rather not dump 300 bucks in parts at a non-issue and was hoping someone here would have a tip/suggestion as to survey these parts so a more rational decision could be made.

  2. T-bone

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    Well It was not the MC or the booster in the end

    you can test the booster with a few simple tests and mine passed with flying colors.

    front rotor and pad replacement and a fluid flush did the trick

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