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Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by ParisDude, Jan 25, 2010.

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    Does anyone have a clue as to why GM hasn't put the duramax in the Taho, Suburban? I spent plenty of time in Europe and diesel engines in these kinds of vehicles were dynomite over there. I would certainly buy one!!!
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    diesel is not popular outside of the working man (and some econo nuts) in the USA is what it comes down to, as far as the designers are concerned. it takes alot to engineer a duramax into the chassis, suspension. you then have to get the tranny in, intercoolers, bigger radiator. then you have to look at the fuel delivery, bigger tank possibly. i dont think the cost for design and EPA law in the us is worth it to the designers and beancounters for the modern duramax in the current suvs. Now it may be different if they ever push the 4.5 diesel that has been spoken of. Not to mention the cost that gets passed to the customer for a diesel is huge and 70K for a fully loaded suburban LTZ with a max is a bit steep for most
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    Part of the "problem" is the 5.3 (and the older 5.7) can get such good hy mph.The gasoline motors are just so good, why bother with the much more expensive Duramax and trans?
    The 6 liter makes -400 hp and probably 400 lbs ft-right? Pretty good tow vehicle.

    Yep, the gassers are so good the only reason to get the Duramax is really heavy towing.

    Still, I would like to have 360 hp and 650 lbs ft-and 25 mpg. I would love to see what sort of mpg a Duramax would get in a Suburban-more motor than I need- but fun.

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