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Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by johnnywalker, Nov 2, 2009.

  1. johnnywalker

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    Hey All! New to the site and thought if anybody had the inside track on when GM will come out with a Diesel Suburban, someone here would..... So, anybody aware of any plans for one? I've been waiting for 10 years now, and GM never answers any of my emails.


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    If you've been waiting 10yrs you unfortunately missed your chance at a new Diesel Suburban, around 98 or 99 was the last year for Diesel Suburbans. Even at that time they were hard to find on a dealers lot, they either had none in stock or the ones they did have sold quick.
    With the issues GM is having right now and the fact they keep delaying new introductions for Diesel motivated vehicles I wouldnt hold my breath. They could surprise everyone and introduce something all the sudden but I wouldnt count on it.
    Your best bet is to start searching for an older model Diesel Suburban and spend some money on rehabing it.
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    I haven't heard anything through the GM pipeline, but then again they don't answer the employee e-mails either! (big surprise) I could see them doing that in the future, but the initial cost of putting one in is what kills the idea I think.
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