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Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by K15 Blazer Guy, Jun 4, 2013.

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    Im super jellous of the people who got a diesle truck, then dropped in whatever they wanted for an engine and dont need to worry about emissions or anything.

    i wanna talk about this.
    was it easy to do, or was the wiring a pain?
    did you go TBI?
    how easy was it to get around the DMV?

    i wonder if you went gas to diesel... anyone done that?
  2. tbplus10

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    On my 91 Toyota Rockcrawler I went the most unconventional and unexpected route I could, I used a Yanmar 4 Cyl Turbocharged Sailboat generator/propulsion unit that puts out about 195 hp and 290 FP torque.
    The engine was free I had to salvage it from a beached Sailboat that was washed ashore and abandoned, I retained the sailboat gearbox that has only Fwd, Reverse, Neutral, and power take off for the generator, I'm running a set of divorced Dana T cases that are mated together and clocked, this way I get the same amount of forward and reverse gears geared the same. Its only a trail truck that never see's roads so the top speed of 45 mph isnt a problem, and with the selection I can run 2wd or 4wd extra low, low, high, extra high.
    I recently got all the pieces together along with adaptors to install a TH400 behind the engine so itll be a little more friendly to drive.
    The engine is a multi fuel model that can run Bio, kerosene, White gas, Diesel, and all grades of Jet fuel.
    I used this engine because it's all mechanical, even the fuel control is a mechanical set-up that can be adjusted to whatever fuel I'm burning.
    The truck was originally a gas 22RE/5 spd.
    I had it registered for street use as late as 2010 but dropped the insurance after Texas started allowing off-road registrations.
    Since the engines rated to run Bio fuel DMV approved the engine swap no problems. Electrical was 5 wires for engine power and tying the alternator into the trucks existing fuse box.
    I only have a running light on the dash and gauges for everything else, very simple nothing fancy.
    I got the idea from a friend running a BobCat drivetrain in his Jeep.

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