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Discussion in 'GM Diesel & DuraMax' started by RyGuyGMC, Feb 19, 2011.

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    im thinking of doing a project and was just wondering if anyone else here has preformed it or knows anything about it that would be helpful.

    iv heard good things (great hp and great mpg) about putting an old cummins in an early to mid 80's chevy and even newer. yes i know thats probably all the same back in the dodge truck but im a chevy guy... i know this is a chev truck forum but how hard would the swap be to preform?

    Also pro's and con's of the 12 valve and the 24 valve? whats the power and torque differences? is either more reliable or start easier in the cold? and i know you cant hook up a chip or programer so what mods could i do to pump out a few more horses and mpg's?

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    Its a lot of work and money to do it right.

    We offer this swap in chevy/GMC trucks for around 15-20 K ..engine, allison and all included !

    A 6.5 TD...marine version that lasts for ever, is about 6 K !
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