Diesel Vs. Gas - Looking for some Diesel guys to comment

Discussion in 'GM Diesel & DuraMax' started by Big_Ben, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. Big_Ben

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    Ok, let me start by saying all of my knowledge about Diesel trucks can easily be written in pen on my palm with room to spare.

    My Dad is looking at getting a new truck. He probably knows less about Diesel than me. But here's the thing. He's looking to get something that he won't have to replace again. He's hoping for something that will last him until he's too old to need a truck.

    Anyway, I suggested maybe getting a diesel since by 100,000 km they're just starting to get broken in. The only thing is, I'm not sure if that's a good enough reason to go for a diesel? He doesn't tow a whole lot of weight (just the odd snowmobile trailer with a couple machines on it in the winter, an 18 foot all metal Grumman fishing boat in the summer and hauls the odd load of dirt or gravel).

    However, he does drive quite a bit. In fact within a year he had almost 40,000km put on his current truck. From 175,000 km to 210,000 km. Now, not every year is that high but I just thought that maybe a diesel would last as long as he wants. I know a gas truck can too if you treat it well and do the preventative maintenance. But he's never been one to try and learn things mechanical so the most preventative maintenance he does is check fluid levels religiously changes the oil every 5,000km or 6 months and replace coolant when the mechanic tells him it's time.

    Anyway, he's a bit skeptical of Diesel just because he doesn't want to fork out the money when things break and since he isn't mechanically inclined whatsoever and I know jack about Diesel engines it's all up to paying a mechanic.

    So anyway, just wondering what the draw backs and pluses are of getting a Diesel over Gas.

    He doesn't really NEED Diesel because as I said he would never use it to it's full potential power and torque wise, so it's overkill in that respect, but at least he has the power when he does need it.

  2. dannys99

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    I would only recommend a diesel if you plan on towing. The money you save could pay to replace a gas motor a couple times, A good gas Chevy with good maintenance should get you 300,000 miles. Also if you do have any trouble with the diesel it will cost you much more to repair.
  3. bigdaddy77084

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    I had a 03 f350 powerstroke that gave me nothing but problems, Every time was over 2 grand in repairs. It got to the point I couldnt
    afford to drive it anymore. The oil cooler went out inside the motor and they want 3,200 to fix it. So I got the old Tahoe for 4 grand and told the bank come get their ford.That was my first & last ford. And my last diesel. I,ll get a gas pusher anyday.. my .02
  4. 1flyfisher

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    If you are towing a large trailer or boat get a diesel. Otherwise you don't need it. A new vehicle isn't just a motor. After 5-10-20-30+ years everything else ages (paint, tranny, seats, suspension etc) and breaks and needs to be replaced or fixed. To buy a new diesel vehicle and get a diesel engine it adds like $7500 to a new vehicle cost.
    If you buy a gasser you save that money and IF you need an new engine you are already ahead cost wise.
  5. In2Trux

    In2Trux Rockstar

    Buy the the old fella a cheap beater to last him for the next couple of years... One of the big three.. Can't remember which one right now. but it either Ford or Chev, They a developing a light duty diesel engine that would just fit the bill for your Dad.
    Apparently this new diesel engine they are developing with be idea for those every day drivers that light tow occasionally but don't need the big hp and torque.
    The power and just enough hp is there when he needs it.
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  6. murdog94

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    it is Ford.. And actually it is a mini Powerstroke 4.6L with 360HP (that was the last HP est but was supposed to come down some to get a couple more Mpg out of it) and 480ish LB-Ft of Torque... Which is supposed to give you up to 28mpg Hwy.... Not trying to sound like a know it all i have just been following the light duty Diesel trends.. GM was going to add a light duty Duramax, but scrapped it when they went into bankruptcy...
    As for diesels.. They do last a long time. But as mentioned a well taken care of Gas motor can last up to and beyond 300K. And yes the Diesel option can add up to $7500 to the sticker of the truck...
    And yes the Diesel costs more to maintain period.. but it can go longer between service intervals.. I am a huge Fan of the diesel engine. But for someone who rarely tows anything heavy a 1500 series with a gas will do more than enough and last just about as long... Properly taken care of..
  7. Big_Ben

    Big_Ben Rockstar 100 Posts

    Thanks for all the tips and replies! Your answers are what I expected. Unless towing forget the diesel.

    Makes sense to me, just thought I'd ask. I have one other question. He did just mention that he does want a heavier duty truck for when he does occasionally need to extra power and if he wants to tow something a little heavier.

    So I'm thinking 2500HD gas now, just curious as to if the newer trucks have much of a difference in gas mileage between the 1500 and 2500HD. I'm wondering this more for myself, as when my 1500 gives up the ghost I was thinking of getting the 2500HD as long as it isn't a complete pig on gas. I expect it to be not as good but is it terrible?
  8. murdog94

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    It all depends in the motor that you get the oider 6.0L wasnt very good around 15mpg was the most ive heard most people getting... And the 8.1L is you are looking at an older one before they did away with that motor was like a 454 with more power.. My buddy had one and unloaded it got 12mpg at the high end, and pulling a 38ft fully loaded race car trailer it got about 9...
  9. Big_Ben

    Big_Ben Rockstar 100 Posts

    I get about an average of 13-14mpg city and like 16 - 18 mpg highway with my 1500. Is that about what it should be at or should it be higher?
  10. In2Trux

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    It's hard to drive a 6.0L like you have a load of dynamite in the box just because you want to get the maximum gas mileage on a tank.
    When you know just under your right foot sits a PILE of HP and Torque. :gasp:
    It's easy to be an idiot, It's hard to be cheap. Yes this is experience talking
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