difference between 2007 ming blue and2011 imperial blue?

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    Hi , I am new to this forum. I was wondering if anyone knows if the difference between these two blues are noticeable or are they just name changes. I have a truck with ming blue paint and I have the option to replace a body part with imperial blue. Thanks for any input.

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    Welcome to The Site.....To find out if these 2-Color's, Ming Blue and Imperial Blue, are the Same or Different Color's, is to look at the Service Parts I.D.Tag/White Sticker(Below)Located in the Glove Boxes, and your going to be looking for the WA Part# and the Color Code, as Shown Below.

    Service Parts Identification Tag

    EDIT.....Another Way, to find out if these 2-Color's Ming Blue and Imperial Blue, is to go to Duplicolor's Web Site Below and go to, and Click on the "Application Guide" and look for the GM Factory Paint Codes in that Section.


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    They are going to be slightly yet noticeably different.

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