Difference between a 1500 and 2500? - Silverado 1500 vs 2500.

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  1. 99monguse

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    What is the difference between the two, suspension and axles? I was debating on doing a suspension upgrade on my 2001 1500 4x4 but i was wondering how it could be made into a 2500. I do know that a 2500 has 8 lugs rather then the 1500s 6 lugs...is that just different hubs or complete different axles?


  2. MrShorty

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    Complete axles are different. 1500 uses 8.25 IFS front end and 10 bolt rear. 2500 uses 9.25 IFS front and 14 bolt rear. Swapping the 14 bolt into your 1500 isn't a big deal, and gets done all the time. Front end is a different story. From what many have said, it is as easy (maybe easier) to swap in a solid axle as it is to put the 9.25 IFS into a 1500 (easier if 1500 is lifted).

    Transmission is also different (1500 uses a 4L60E, 2500 uses a 4L80E).

    After all is said and done, if you really want a 2500 (and you haven't put much into the 1500), it might be easier (and cheaper) to sell the 1500 and buy a 2500.
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  3. 99monguse

    99monguse Rockstar

    Yeah..thats what i thought, but I didn't know about the trans difference; this is my first truck. I will start looking for low mileage 2500s then. Did they all come with 6 ltrs?
  4. vncj96

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    When GM redesigned the 2500 they put the 6.0 in them, there are different HP ratings over the years since they used it. I posted on your other thread but if you are worried about the tranny I would get a shift kit for your current truck. Does yours have the factory tow/haul button on the column shifter for the tranny? If so use it, it will help, it raises the shift points.
  5. rodny26

    rodny26 New Member

    That's good info on this topic. I have been wondering about it for a while but just never asked.
  6. 99monguse

    99monguse Rockstar

    Yes my truck does have the tow/haul button on the right stalk.
  7. 94bluebeast

    94bluebeast New Member

    the entire drive train, shocks and leafs, and frame are for the most part different
  8. ChevyFan

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    Talk about breathing life back into an old thread. There is a lot more than you think that goes into the difference between the 1500 and the 2500/3500 platforms ... but they are all Silverados (Sierra).
  9. Megasaurus

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    If you are talking 2007-2011 (NBS - New Body Style) trucks then the Silverado 1500 is a one-half-ton (1/2T) and the 2500HD is a three-quarter-ton (3/4T), but there are more differences than that. For example, each has a different engine platform, transmissions, rear axles, front suspension, and brakes. Not to mention a lot of the front end sheet metal is beefier on the 2500.

    For engines, the 1500 has several combinations from a 4.3L V6 to the 6.0L VMax. The 2500HD has either a 6.0L gas or 6.6L DuraMax. The 1500 has a 4 speed transmission, the 2500HD has a 6 speed. The 1500 has disc/drum brakes the 2500 has all disc. The 1500 has a semi floating axle, the 2500HD has a full floating axle. The 1500 has a coil over shock front suspension - the 2500HD has torsion bars.

    What I find is that a lot of the time when someone goes out and buys a 2500, they really need to buy the full 1-ton 3500HD truck so they overwork the 2500, just my $.02 on that. BOTH are great trucks.
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  10. cookiecutter

    cookiecutter New Member

    what about the transfer cases and drive shafts? I'm thinking of getting a 6.0/4l80/14bolt out of my 08 CCSB z71, if I match the driveline configuration should i be able to use the same d-shaft and u-joints?

    What would be the best way of connecting the front diff to the t-case?

    Any difference in cross members?

    I know swapping the front output or making a d-shaft are options but has anyone considered using a 2500 front diff/cv's/hubs but keep the 1500 coils?

    Really don't want to sas it.

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