Different Bose Systems?

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    I have a 2011 Silverado LT with the Bose in it. My question is there a different Bose for higher models like LTZ and Tahoes, so on an so forth? I like the way it sounds just curious if there is options for going bigger and louder? Also is there any way other than dynamat to stop the rattling in my doors when I have the volume way up? Thanks in advance for everyones help!
  2. mrbrown88

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    For the 2007+ trucks, I believe Bose is Bose, with the exception of the Escalade (surround sound) and possibly the Denali. I know on the 2003-2006 trucks, the Escalade and Denali had 'luxury' bose, where everything else had 'premium' bose. The only difference was a better amplifier which also had different wire positions in the same connectors, so installing it meant rearranging the wires.

    To be honest though, for what its worth if you want to upgrade your system you can do better by going aftermarket. As far as your doors go, if its an actual rattle then dynamat or another sound deadener will be your best bet. If its a scratchy speaker, a good set of component speakers would be a great investment for improving your sound to begin with. I have some Focal 165-KRC speakers in the front doors of my Avalanche and they are a huge improvement over the factory Bose speakers.

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