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  1. uk mac

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    hi all happy new year to you and yours
    i have a 96 silverado and the headlights are crap i have seen that there are some different makes of light at autopart warehouse can any one recomend some or has them
  2. TRPLXL2

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    From my personal experience of aftermarket headlights, Matrix are the worst quality headlight out there. Anzo is probably one of the best, and TYC are the #1 best out there but applications are few and far between. I just bought a pair of Sonar projectors for my S-10, and they seem like good quality and actually have metal housings versus plastic housings. I do believe they make the TYC headlights for your truck, you get what you pay for in headlights that's for sure. :great:
  3. jbt56

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    My '97 has some sort of aftermarket lights with halos around the hi-beams and clear lenses (don't know brand- got the truck with them). The low beams are about the worst excuse for 'lights' I have yet seen (or not seen!). I'll be swapping out to some stock lights with probably PIAA bulbs (got PIAAs in my BMW- love 'em!) as soon as I can find a good set.
  4. Chevyboy96

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    I got mine off eBay

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