difficulty of a 3 in body lift?

Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by bama2010z71, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. bama2010z71

    bama2010z71 Rockstar

    i was wondering how hard installing a 3 inch body lift on a 2010 silverado 4x4 z71? i have a leveling kit already but want that extra tire clearance. also whats a good brand
  2. Jimmeh

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    Check out Zone Offroad. I just bought a 1.5" BL from them for $200 with the rear bumper brackets. Couldn't tell you how hard it is to install one since I've never done it before, but I'll be interested to hear what others say. Can't wait for mine to get here!
  3. bama2010z71

    bama2010z71 Rockstar

    do they make a 3 inch. or just a 1.5
  4. Jimmeh

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  5. MTM

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    It's no hard you just loosen the driver side and then on the passenger side you remove the bolts and then place a block on a big floor jack and raise up the passenger side enough to slip in the body lift. You leave all the bolts hand tight till your done so you can line up the body lines, then you go back and use lock tight. Oh and the bed is the same. Just make sure to read the instructions just for your vehicle because some will have ground straps, lines....etc. It's really not bad at all. If you have a good flat slab to work on and basic tools you shouldn't have any trouble

    TELORVEHC Rockstar 4 Years 1000 Posts

    I can't imagine it's too difficult, I've never installed one myself though. X2 on the Zone body lift as well.
  7. Blackout07

    Blackout07 Rockstar 3 Years 500 Posts

    It's not too difficult. Just take your time and read the instructions. Your only options are Zone or Performance Accessories, and both are top quality.
  8. Jimmeh

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    Stupid question: Can you loosen the bolts from the underside without having to do anything in the cab? I will most likely be doing this on my own so I was just curious if it's an easy solo project without having to go back and forth from top to bottom. I know the little Ford Rangers have bolts that go through the cab that need a second hand or some jimmy rigging to work with.
  9. MTM

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    Yea man it's a hell of a lot easier with the more people the better. We had 3 when we did a friends f150 and it went very smooth. Same with his we had to take off the little kick panels so you can peel back the carpet under the pedals and on the passenger side is the same. Then in the rear we just removed the seat because the bolts were really hard to get to with the seat in. And yeah we had to have a person inside holding back up. On the OBS fords there were a few that had the nuts pressed into the frame so that was nice because they didn't require anyone holding them. I would say just take your time and think it all through it's not that hard just don't want to forget to loosen a line or a wire get to tight. We read the directions over and over step by step when we did it to insure we didn't miss something. With a standard it was easy with the shifter just dropped down and notched the floor so it would go in gear, think autos come with brackets. And as far as bumper raisers for the front they just bolt up the back i had to fab him a custom bracket. If you have any more questions just ask i'll try and do my best to answer it.
  10. ahmitchell1

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    I just looked through the instruction for body lifts on our truck it's a lot of work but it's deff possible to do on your own

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