difficulty of a 3 in body lift?

Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by bama2010z71, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. BrownPats420

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    body lifts ruin everything.
  2. Josh

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    did my 94 1500 4x4 buy myself in an afternoon with 4 pieces of cut rail road tie. a few jacks. a socket set and a few screw drivers. the jacks and blocks of wood will be your hands. its not hard trust me. be sure to buy a kit. dont risk making one out of hockey pucks o steel tubing. tubing will work but your ride will be rougher on bumps. hockey pucks are designed for hockey not truck parts. might work but why skimp on something that you drive and take pride in. i do recommend put a piece of boxed steel tubing in between the frame and the wheel well area. i had a 90 k1500 i put a bunch of concrete in. it to had a 3 inch and i noticed my bad after the side job that it sagged horribly in the middle. not necessary if your not loading it to hell. mine currently doesnt have any. this is my mud baby.

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    body lift doesnt ruin everything. as long as you put the plates in the wheel well to hide gap. it looks good. i personally needed the room for my tires. i run mudders. plus theres a lil more room once under the body itself to move around. i personally wouldnt do it to a newer truck but the 88-98 Oh yeah
  3. BrownPats420

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    It is peoples own personal liking, looks wise it looks great. But when your steering shaft goes down the highway tuck and roll my friend
  4. MTM

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    I'd personally never do it to mine but i don't mind them on a 1/2 ton if it's a 3/4 ton or 1 ton the look horrible there's just to much frame showing for me.
  5. Blackout07

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    I had a body lift on my K5, and I beat the hell out of that truck without issue. The suspension lift however, had problems. I've had a body lift on my current truck for 4 years and nothing is "ruined."
  6. chevybulldog6

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    When I did my 3in Performance Accessories kit, I was able to do it myself in about 2 hours. The directions make it seem a little more difficult than it really was. As far as the bolts, there are no nuts that needed to be held from the inside. Other than the blocks, I had to install an extension on the steering shaft and an extension on a grounding strap (both are included in the kit). Overall, very easy and very worth it.
  7. SuthrnZ71

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    I had the performance accessories 3" BL on my old YJ along with suspension lift, it help up forever, never noticed any problems, as far as putting one on a truck yourself, definitely would recommend having someone there to help ya out! Don't know much about the Zone BLs, although I've heard good things from a couple friends that are using their stuff.
  8. Blackout07

    Blackout07 Rockstar 3 Years 500 Posts

    Thats pretty impressive if you did a complete kit by yourself in 2 hours......
  9. chevybulldog6

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    I was lucky enough to have a shop to pull in the truck with all of the air tools and a big floor jack that I needed.
  10. Me and 2 friends did the zone 1.5 in a 1500, it wasn't too bad at all. We actually lifted the bed with just two people cause they're so light.
    I would go with the ZONE lift, but thats just my opinon.

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