Disable DRL Headlights on a 99 Silverado (DIY)

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    So I dont know if anyone else has a vendetta against DRLs like I do, but thats just me. I like to be able to go incognito if need be! Heres a step by step of how to remove them since us 99's werent lucky enough to have a convenient heat sink to pull. *NOTE NOT FOR THOSE WITH LARGE HANDS* *ALSO THIS WILL DISABLE YOUR LOWER HEADLIGHTS, THIS IS ALSO EASILY REVERSIBLE* Unless you plug the fuse back in for DRL in the fuse panel under the hood. Then they will be back to normal. This being said lets begin!

    Pull of the Dash cover, to take it off fully put the gearshift in 1st while either keeping your foot on the brake or putting on the parking break.

    Next pull out your radio, mine was aftermarket so it just slid out with two push clips. You may need to unscrew yours.

    Now put your radio aside and reach your hand into the hole towards your light sensor, (This is where the small handed people have it easy). Now unscrew the sensor from the bottom and pull it through. Unplug it from the connector, its a little push clip just like a headlight. You should end up with this......


    Now heres where you grab your L.E.D. I got a green one, but whatever color floats your boat is alright.


    Now You can put that light sensor aside, you dont need it anymore. You can either screw it back in or toss it. Now find out which end is the negative and which is positive on the light, the longer end was negative for me. Plug the new light into the female port you unplugged the sensor from, the negative should be the white wire and the positive should be white if I remember correctly. Now once its in the right spot put the truck in accessory and it should complete the circuit and make the bulb light like so


    Once this is in the right spot either electrical tape it, (Score one for the rednecks), or solder it. Then what I did is tape the new light to the top of the dash on the inside so I wouldnt have to see it.


    You can either do that or feed it back through the hole where you had the sensor. If you want to use the twist off from the sensor cut the bottom off with an exacto knife and feed your new L.E.D. in.

    Then all thats left to do is put it back together!


    Note: Also pull the DRL fuse from the fuse box under the hood, otherwise the lights will still come on when the truck is in gear. This is the truck, in gear and with the parking brake on, no automatic lights! :party:

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  2. rileyjr16

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    Wow I've been wanting to do the same with the lights but I like the fact they kick on by themselves. Don't like how I can't turn them off but im already over it.
  3. ChevyFan

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    Great write up. Very detailed. Good work.
  4. zuki82

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    unless I read it wrong, you said the neg. wire was white, and the pos. wire was white. ??? Its easy to confuse me!
  5. Pikey

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    Nice writeup and pics! Just curious, what is the point of the led in the connector? the lights will not come on with the parking brake on anyway. The sensor has nothing to do with the drls (lower headlights as you called them), it does however control when the auto headlights turn on. If you just press and release the dome lamp over ride button quickly 4 times it shuts the auto lights off. I guess auto headlamps and drls do not bother me. If I wanted to keep them off I just barely press the parking brake pedal down. My 05 has a switch where I can shut the auto lamps off.
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  6. j cat

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    I agree with your statements about this . the light sensor mounted in the dash is to turn on the headlights when low light occurs. normally most have the problem of the headlights coming on even in full daylight. this then requires the sensor to be replaced... what I did was polish the sensor dome and this fixed the headlights coming on when there was still light out...
  7. Geister

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    The dome override trick never worked for me, but the LED keeps the circuit complete

    - - - Updated - - -

    Yea, on mine they werent red and black like normal. They might be the other way around, plug the LED in and switch it around if it doesnt work, THEN tape it in place.

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