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    Heys guys, just though id let you know that i just did the disable feature on my truck i looked all around the internet trying to learn about it, just to let you know it is as simple as unplugging your light sensor(that little dome top in the center front on top of your dashboard), and putting in a resistor and covering it with electric tape.
    i tried following this thread...

    but unless this guy was a mouse theres no possible way to access the sensor by only removing the radio, what was supposed to be a 5 minute install turned in to about 35 minutes, and thats only because you do have to remove the entire dashboard, (if i had known that this job still couldve been done in uncer 20 minutes) which if i could do it all over again knowing you would have to do that i could easily do a quick HOW-TO, once the dash is off (probably around 14 screws and bolts all simple to take out) theres the sensor wire just laying at the top and you unplug it and put in your resistor and wrap it in electrical tape
    i used a 1.5K, 1/2 Watt resistor from radio shack
    i would love to be more specific but honestly removing the dash is a no brainer, well to me at least.
    this mod is definitely most beneficial to people with HIDs that sometimes dont both turn on when you start the truck because of the auto feature, you can do the e-brake method off hit the dome override buttons 4 times quick and achieve the same result (TEMPORARILY) but when a friend starts my truck he never knows that lol
    a nice little bit of info for yall :)
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