Disconnecting OnStar in Onstar-equipped 99-06 Silverados/Sierras

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    To kick Big Brother out of your truck, permanently, fuse removal is not enough, as that only disables audio functionality for OnStar. In Onstar-equipped 99-06 NBS trucks, the OnStar unit should be located behind the passenger side air bag and be accessible via the glove box. This simple, 5-step process will let you drive wherever you like, however you like -- without OnStar tracking it. You can undo this any time you like to re-enable OnStar; simply reverse the process.

    01_open glove_box_fully.jpg

    Older (analog) OnStar units may not look like this or have the same number of connections, but the principle should be the same.

    Also, if you plan to re-enable OnStar or want to reserve the ability to do so, then please pay attention which multi-pin ports on the OnStar unit your connections are using PRIOR to disconnecting them. You can see from the 4th picture, above, that there are more multi-pin ports than I have connectors. I will never re-attach mine so I didn't label anything. If you think you might want to reconnect yours, inspection prior to disconnection ... followed by labeling ... would be prudent.
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    Nice Post!!!! [MENTION=50075]SurrealOne[/MENTION]!!!!!
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    Nice! Im going to take a look at the onstar unit on my NBS and see if I can do the same!
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    LOL. Great post and soooo technical.:rofl:
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    Also worth mentioning is that the blue connector in the photos is for the GPS antenna (which makes it potentially re-usable for aftermarket GPS nav head-units) while the large coaxial-like connector is the cellular antenna (which is what's wound around your radio antenna :shocked:).
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  6. reggiecab2000

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    well i dont have onstar but its nice to know of all that empty space for anyhitng else i might plan to put there!
  7. SurrealOne

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    Heh. The OnStar unit in my 2004 was massive. It was vertically oriented and I'd estimate it was 5"x4"x1". I yanked the XM radio unit (which is also located in this same area), as well, since I have a lifetime Sirius account ... and the XM unit is also ridiculously large for what it does. :)
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    It appears that the onstar unit in 2007+ is below the radio behind the dash panel. I tried disconnecting my Onstar because for 1. Im sick of them continually calling my cell phone after repeatedly telling them to stop and that I do not want thier service. and 2. they are continually interupting my radio in my truck while im driving to tell me my subscription is ending. I KNOW THIS ALREADY!!

    So after disconecting all the plugs into the unit my Abs light came on, My information center displayed "Service 4 wheel drive" and my traction control was disabled automatically and could not be re-enabled. So I reconnected the unit and Im going to try one plug at a time but to not remove the whole unit is very disturbing to me.:grrrrrr:
    Looks like they force us to keep this unit in the vehicle because of its link to monitor the operation of the vehicle itself. I think I will try and just disconnect the antenna at least to keep the information from transmitting in/out but im not sure if this is enough. I posted a couple of pics of the unit itself. It appears a little different than what Surreal has posted but it appears to have the same labeled plugs like J2 J3 and so forth. Oh yeah and another thing. Check out where the unit was assembled!..... IN CHINA!!!!!
    onstar2.jpg onstar1.jpg
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    @ the phantom I am glad you posted this. It was one of the things I wanted to try when it gets cooler out.
  10. Sierraowner5.3

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    im looking at this as well.


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