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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by 77chevy, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. 77chevy

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    I need to remove my intake manifold, to install a new one. I need to know how to remove the distributor
    and how to re-install in new manifold. The ENGINE is a 350. TRUCK is a 1977, 3/4T 350 AUTO TRANS.
    Thanks for info in advance!!!:gasp:
  2. Jimmiee

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    This is very easy to do. Take the cap off and find the number 1 spark plug wire position. Turn the engine over until the rotor is pointing to this position. Now fine tune it so your timing marks line up on the crankshaft pointer. Next remove the hold down bolt and pull the distributor out . When your done R&Ring the manifold make sure the distributor goes back in in the same position. The new manifold will come with instructions but just make sure you clean the old gasket material out without getting any debris into the engine. Use a shop vac to clean out the valley, glue the gaskets to the heads and use a good silicone at the corners where the gaskets meet the rubber seals.
  3. daddytech

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    this is all good instruction but the simple way for the distributor is if your truck runs well, just take the cap off and make a thin mark with a paint pen or marker on the rotor button and distributor marking exactly where the contact for the rotor button is. when you put it back in just make sure that thin line is perfectly lined back up once again and bolt it back down again. the other way in the posting above is the "proper way" my way is the cheating way that works best mostly on older more worn out vehicles.
  4. daddytech

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    so how did this go for you?? were you able to get it replaced easy enough?
  5. 77chevy

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    Had a HELL of a time! Had to set the timing prior to installing the new dist.
    Finally got it running, But have to get a new throttle cable set-up, Because it won't
    work with new carb and manifold. Get it? Man-I-Fold! I am beat to death after this 2 week project!
    Thanks for all the info. John

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