Distributor help on a 7.4L Vortec

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by rowekmr, Jul 24, 2010.

  1. rowekmr

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    I just go a 96 3500 CC with a 7.4L vortec and was told that the distributor is at the rear of the engine. I have a maze of large hoses going across the rear and can only see the wire boots. How to I get the the cap and rotor on these engines?

  2. wkndrcr

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    Not too hard to do.... Remove a couple of bolts to get the coil/map sensor bracket out of the way, a bungie cord to pull the AC line to the side. Then the cap is acessable, it helps if your "small"and can sit with your feet in the engine bay and just lean over top of the intake.
  3. suv2010

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    I'm not an expert about doing this but i learned from this manual: Here's how to replace a distributor cap and rotor. http://www.mirage-performance.com/tech/distributorcaprotor.html. Months ago, there has been a problem with my distributor. it's not functioning well so i pay for a mechanic service. When i got home, i seen this guide and realized i could done it on my own....tsk tsk...but now that i saw you in need of help, i'll share this guide....hope it helps.
  4. 2COR517

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    I've never understood why Chevy put the distributor at the back. Well, I know part of it is to do with the oil pump. And I suppose any camshaft/timing chain failure would immediately stop the spark. And there are probably dozens of other reasons.

    But another inch of clearance back there would be huge.

    As for accessing the distributor, start by removing the air cleaner snorkel. I open the snaps to the filter housing, disconnect the MAF & air temp connectors, unscrew the plastic "wing nut" at the throttle body, and lift the entire assembly out. Pretty easy to see the dist now.

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