Distributor issue?

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by artlock, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. artlock

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    I have been having hesitation problems when accelerating on my 93 K1500 Suburban. Hoping to correct the problem, I inspected the distributor cap and rotor. When I pulled the rotor off off the distributor, the distributor shaft was rusty as was the contacts on the rotor. I do not think that is normal but what would cause this and more importantly, how do I fix it? Is it necessary to remove the entire distributor and inspect for rust?
  2. Jimmiee

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    I have tuned up several GM vehicles that had rusty internals and they ran just fine. As long as the shaft is not loose and the advance slides smoothly the light rust won't hurt anything. Make sure the advance works by spreading the weights and check for binding. Also check the vacuum advance with a vacuum hose and a vacuum pump or you can suck on the hose to check the operation.
    If you don't like the rust or parts are rusted up then just buy another distributer. Summit sells a nice unit under their own brand. I have one of these and it works great.
  3. gatormike69

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    I wouldn't think you would have to pull the distributor. When was the last time you changed the distributor cap, rotor and got a tune-up? There should not be rust on the rotor or cap contact points. The electrical contact points should be kept clean of corrosion.
  4. 2COR517

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    I wouldn't worry about the rusty shaft. You can use some sand paper or Green Scotchbrite pad to clean it up if it is difficult to get the rotor on.

    These trucks like to be kept in tune with good quaility parts. ACDelco plugs gapped at .035. ACD Cap & Rotor. ACD or Napa premium wires. Blow out any crap in the distributor, and clean the post on the coil so it is nice and shiny.

    Don't forget to check/set your base timing also.

    Another thing to check on theses is the Throttle Body to intake gasket. They can crack or get deformed and leak. While you have it out, give the TB a good cleaning. Pull the Idle Air Contol and clean it and the passage ways. My IAC gasket was gone, you might want to pick one up at the dealer before you start.

    And a can of seafoam down the intake and in the tank can help too.
  5. artlock

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    Thanks for the info Jimmiee. I will make sure to check the vacuum advance today.

    @ Gatormike - I just changed cap and rotor in Feb of this year. My truck started hesitating when accelerating again so I checked the rotor. I did not notice the rust when I changed the rotor in Feb.
  6. artlock

    artlock New Member

    I tried to set the timing but I could not get the hold down bolt loose so I will take it to the shop and have them set the timing. How difficult is it to change the throttle body gasket?

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