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  1. Chevycoastie

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    Hey guys,

    I am looking into doing a DIY Bedliner. I have priced out getting it Rhino Liner and Line-X, but its more than I want to spend. I have seen several different brands on the market and I really don't know which one to choose. If anyone has used anyone please let me know. Thanks guys

  2. BornAgainBiker55

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    Personally, I bought a truck once with a plastic insert bed liner; that was the worst thing ever. I did a DIY liner using some sort of mix-it-up epoxy system I bought from AutoZone or some such place. I don't even remember the brand anymore. I was as careful as possible and tried my best to do everything just as the instructions said and I thought it looked like a hack job, and was very disappointed when I finished. It also didn't adhere well and started chipping off with use. My Silverado has a Line-X in there that's about 100k miles old and is used as a work truck. It still looks almost new.
    Now, I'm not trying to imply that your bedliner DIY job will look bad, I'm just saying it did not fulfill the purpose I wanted mine for. I expect my trucks to haul rock and dirt, crushed concrete, and manholes, etc. Because that's my job. I just wanted to give you my experiences with both sides to help you make an informed decision. My $0.02, I'd put another Line-X or similar on the next truck right out of the gate
  3. Cowpie

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    I did the Herculiner self application bed liner product when I bought my 2013. A year on it and it still looks great and is one of the best non slip surfaces I have ever seen. The key with any self application is the prep work. You will need to really take time and do a good prep job. The surface area needs to be scuffed up quite a bit. I used 3M scrub pads and a Fein multi master tool. You also need to clean the the surfaces very well next with acetone. Then the taping off of any areas you do not want the liner product on.

    Mine turned out looking almost as good as any pro shop job. I have slid a lot of stuff in and out of the bed, including up to 1000 lb of concrete on pallets, drums of oil, etc. The stuff has taken all the abuse and looks almost as good as when I put it on. I really like the Herculiner rough surface. It really help hold things in place and keep them from sliding around in the bed on all but really hard bouncing and hard cornering.

    Take a look at the product and see if it will fit your needs. But again, I cannot emphasize enough the need for serious prep work, no matter which product you use. Even the pro stuff is not going to protect against all things. You drop an engine or drum of oil from a few feet at an angle, and you are going to do some bed damage. It Line-X stuff is pretty good. Depends on what you want to spend money on.
  4. Pikey

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    I had line X on my 2002, my brother did a DIY kit in his truck the same week. His did not hold up nearly as well. Both of us spilled diesel fuel in the bed of our trucks. The diesel ate his liner. Mine was fine. After this I decided to do an experiment. I ordered samples of every type of liner I could find, professional and DIY. I dropped the samples into buckets of acetone, diesel, and xylene. All chemicals I used at work. After 3 days I pulled the samples out. Most of the DIY stuff was gone, non existent or goop. The rhino held up to some chemicals, but when flexed snapped in half very easily or became soft enough that I could leave fingerprints in it. The line x was the only one not effected by any of the chemicals.
  5. Chevycoastie

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    Thank you all for the advice. The reason I am looking into a DIY style Spray in liner is because I really don't haul really heavy items but I do want the protection of it. I have looked at two different brands. The first one is Dupli-Color Bed Armor and the Herculiner. I am leaning more towards the Bed Armor over Herculiner. Has anyone used either one or know someone who has please let me know. Thanks Eugene.

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