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    This is for info only. DJM Suspension is running an ad in the most recent issue of Street Trucks Magazine, and in that ad is a pic of an orange 74 Chevy. This is a picture of a truck I designed, built and owned and DOES NOT have anything from DJM Suspension on it, it uses Belltech suspension products. This picture was used without my permission and I don't want it to mislead anyone into believing I used anything but the best products to build that truck.

    I have called DJM Suspension and complained about the use of my truck in their ads a couple of times, however, they seem to still feel the need to mislead the public into believing that I used their products, which upsets me because Belltech kindly supplied me with their products to use on the truck and this is a slap in the face to them. For that I apologize.

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