Do 2010 Silverado's use vaccum lines anymore?

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by alkaspeltzar, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. alkaspeltzar

    alkaspeltzar Member

    2010, 5.3L Silverado 4x4 ~26,000miles

    hey guys, the reason I am asking is becuase when driving, especially pulling, I can hear what reminds me of a vaccum leak or very faint exhaust leak.

    I have had this pesky sounds for about 10,000 miles now. I have looked at the exhaust manifold and connections in the exhaust. I see no signs of leaking. Yet the noise still persists. Lookin for anyone with similar issues or problems that might have a suggestion.

    PS: Could be noise from enigne in general. I have check rubber boots in firewall, but that doesn't mean i am missing something.

    Please let me know if you can help!
  2. travisn

    travisn Rockstar

    Dude, you made basically the same thread on the same day about the same issue. It should be under warranty so have the dealer look at it. That's why you paid too much for a new truck, right?
  3. alkaspeltzar

    alkaspeltzar Member

    Yes I did two posts, since there were no hits on the first thread, I thought I could describe it a second way.

    And obviously I can go to the dealer, but after hearing for the tenth time, " I don't here it or I can see anything or just drive it till something worse happens" that gets kinda frustrating.

    I can see no one else can think out of the box to help solve this either. Guess I will keep harassing the dealing and look elsewhere for help.
  4. travisn

    travisn Rockstar

    For future reference you can just use the edit post and bump the thread (by adding a new post) or just add another to that same thread re-explaining it. You will get a lot of sheet on other forums, this one seems to be a big cluster so no one cares or notices.

    If you legitimately think its a vacuum leak you can use a smogger. Fill the intake system with fog and see any leaks. Then you can also fill the cabin with fog and see where it leaks out. Never done the latter but it should work. They also have radio frequency emitters/receivers that do the same thing.

    You will probably just have to deal with it. You gotta remember you are driving a truck, not a luxury vehicle, it will have creaks and whistles that are unavoidable for the most part. Or trade it in for a different truck.
  5. mthomas

    mthomas Rockstar

    a vacuum leak will make the truck run rough

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    also is you go from a standing start step on the gas and go for about 2 blocks while the truck is still under acceleration.If you hear the noise it is not a vacuum leak because the engine does not produce vacuum in that driving range
  6. travisn

    travisn Rockstar

    If any HVAC controls are vacuum controlled (doubt it) and leaking or if the brake booster diaphragm is leaking then it might cause a very small but audible noise
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  7. alkaspeltzar

    alkaspeltzar Member

    Noise solved

    You guys were right, it is the brake booster. Took it in the the dealer, we got it to do it quite loudly. he had me acceleerate hard and the noise would go away, hence like you said no vaccum at that point.

    He also had me get it to create the noise, and lightly tap the brakes, sound goes away.

    Direct proof the brake booster has an internal leak. Going back in a week to have the part installed and such. Glad you guys where there to point me in the right direction. Man, this noise was driving me crazy.
  8. travisn

    travisn Rockstar

  9. alkaspeltzar

    alkaspeltzar Member

    Still sounds like a vaccum leak

    Had the booster replaced, still makes the vaccum leak/exhaust leak whine. Frustrating.

    Say, can someone tell me if this is normal. When the truck is slowing itself against the engine, with higher rpms(This condition would be like coasting with you foot off the gas when towing a trailer), that is when I hear the noise the most.

    IS that just the engine/exhasut making a normal whine becuase there is load against it, like downshifting?

    Maybe someone can listen to theirs and tell me what they hear.

    Thanks again.
  10. GM Customer Service

    GM Customer Service Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts

    Being that you have been to the dealer regarding the concern, I would like to set up a case for you. In order to do so, I will need your name, address, phone number, VIN, current mileage, and dealer name sent to me privately. Thank you in advance.

    Tricia, GM Customer Service.

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