Do I need to re-gear with 35'' tires?

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by iAintNoHick, Apr 12, 2010.

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    I read something on here that said you should re-gear the truck with these big tires. How do I go about doing this? Bring it to the shop and say "hey can you re-gear my truck cause I have 35'' tires?" What gear ratio is good for this? Sorry I don't know much about this. How will it help my performance?
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    you probably should depending on your gear ratio usually what is done is your pinion gear and ring gear will be replaced, which you will see when unbolting your diff cover, the ring gear teeth divided by pinion teeth gives you your ratio here's what they look like

    And here is a nice little table for what you should re-gear to:

    I dont know how hard it is to change the gears tho im sure someone on this site knows
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    do ii need to re-gear with 35" tires

    I also have a 05 Z-71 crewcab with 6" lift and 35s. My truck came with 3.42 gears that just lugged the truck engine and tranny. I went with Precision Gears, 4.10s. Wish I had gone with 4.56s like I have in my Suburban with 6' lift and 35s. The 4.10s do seem to be a happy medium between off-road, performance and gas mileage. Check your glove box door for the gear code. I THINK the 05 4x4s came with only to gear choices. Code # GU6 is a 3.42 gear and GT5 is a 4.10. If your truck has the 4.10s than I would leave it along. A gear change for both axles will run, depending on gear brand and the shop around $1400.00 to $1800.00. Be careful theres alot of cheap made in china gears out there so check the brand and where they are made.
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    If you want a lot more low-end, get a 4.56 rear end but if you want a little better fuel milage and still have a low-end increase, get a 4.10 rear end.
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    thanks for the feedback guys

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