Do manual transmission effect how people drive?

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  1. Big_Mike

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    Good point. And people should also have more respect and show more courtesy for motorcycle riders. Since motorcycles just have two wheels and all... Plus the rider isn't protected like the driver of a car. Some people forget (or just don't care) that essentially cars are a heavy piece of machinery that could easily harm someone or something.

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    Ah... Sarcasm. LOL. Well said.
  2. tbplus10

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    As a long time motorcycle rider (36 yrs) I understand completely what your saying, but some of our fellow riders arent exactly the best drivers either, in fact a good amount of them are simply an accident waiting for their time and place to happen.
  3. Dana W

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    Yup, when I used to ride, (1967-2012) I felt more alert on the bike than anywhere else. It even lasted for hours after I parked it. AND the only near accident I ever had was because of an idiot on a Yomamma 750 hyawatha or sumpin. This butthead is the reason that to this day, I still dislike sportbikes. I was 2nd in line at a flagman on a two lane double yellow road, for a "one lane closed" due to tree trimming. When the flagman changed the sign from stop to slow, me and the pickup in front of me started rolling and pulling out to take the left lane. Here comes hotshotcrotchrocket in the left lane, from 9 or 10 spots back, hitting second as he passed me already at well over 60 or so mph. He passed me and the pickup truck as we were both straddling the double yellow, us still moving to the left. He couldn't have been six inches off my handlebar. I almost dropped my bike cutting right too fast out of reflex.
  4. ChevyFan

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    Huh. Interesting theory. Of course I used to race my manual cars ...
  5. Caddiac

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    "...I used to race...." Heck I still do :happy:

    The biggest problem with an older car like I have with a stick is receiving a cell call in town. There is no way to change gears and talk. So I just don't answer the phone. As for MT and driving concentration, I think it is more about the drivers familiarity with the vehicle. Parallel parking is a skill that many will never use but it requires knowing the vehicle, how it feels and where it will fit.

    Most adults can operate a car, far fewer can drive one.....
  6. I'm a long haul truck driver, no problem answering my cell and shifting my 13 speed, I use a Blue Parrot Bluetooth headset. A whole lot safer too.

    As far as driving with a manual transmission, I've been doing this so long that shifting has become second nature and I seldom use the clutch other than for stopping and starting. When you consider that truckers per capita, are the safest drivers on the road, the shifting and driving theory is invalid. However, when it comes to 4-wheelers, I believe that a great percentage of them take far too many chances on the road and shouldn't be piloting anything with rubber tires and an internal combustion engine.
  7. K15 Blazer Guy

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    thats exactly why you cant get a manual in a truck anymore... at all... cause GM doesn't know how to make vehicles for people that drive anymore...
  8. Enkeiavalanche

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    One word.....[​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. stchman

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    While I do agree that a manual transmission is more of a drivers transmission (I prefer a manual), GM still produces vehicles with manual transmissions:

    SS (when it comes out)



    Truth of the matter is most people don't want manual transmissions and therefore GM wants to make what most people want to buy.
  10. Caddiac

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    Bluetooth headset might work for me, but it is a rag top so wind noise might be a problem. I think that MT probably increases driver awareness rather than distract from it. The big rigs require professional training and demonstrated skills. Auto drivers are held to a lower standard in my opinion.

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